Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera could offer a resurgence in 2020 season

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Tigers could see Miguel Cabrera bounce back in 2020 after the latest changes.

It is no secret that the 2020 Major League Baseball is going to be an odd one, given that it is quite the sprint. The Detroit Tigers will open up this 60-game sprint in a week, and Miguel Cabrera could offer quite the surprise in terms of 2020 season performance.

Back in Spring Training, Cabrera had shown signs that he was in far better shape than in recent years, hopefully forecasting for a bounce-back season. However, the stoppage while the league and the Major League Baseball Players’ Association negotiated put a damper on that.

Now that the team is back in Summer Camp, Cabrera is back at the ballpark and has brought some energy to the ballclub and helped the younger players stay loose and enjoy playing the game they love. To be quite honest, it is great to see this move out of the veteran Cabrera.

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While he is mentoring some of these younger players, Cabrera has been helping keep the mood light while everyone seemingly is just happy to be back on the ball field. Cabrera, himself, looks like he is in much better shape.

Since this is Summer Camp or Spring Training 2.0, why not say it just because… Cabrera could be in the “best shape of his life.”

All jokes aside, Cabrera does appear to be in great shape and seems like he is going to make a case to spend more time at first base.

The Tigers did bring in free-agent first baseman C.J. Cron this offseason, who has embraced the role with the Tigers and claims to love working alongside Cabrera. Do not forget about Cron while he is looking to earn another year with the organization to learn even more from Cabrera.

What should fans expect from Miguel Cabrera during the 2020 Detroit Tigers season?

Immediately looking at 2020, Cabrera has a good shot to show a resurgence at the plate and put up some “Miggy”-esque stats. Being that durability has been an issue in the past, this 60-game sprint may not be as strenuous as the regular 162 game season.

That is not to say that it will be a 60-for-60, Cabrera suits up every day/night, because the 2020 season has its own challenges. Fitting 60 games in such a short amount of time, Cabrera is bound to need rest, and it will still be a test of his durability, but he should be able to bounce back.

In 2019, Cabrera played in 136 games, where he hit .282/.346/.398 with 12 home runs and 59 RBI for the Tigers. Now, the Tigers get 60 games out of Cabrera where he can try to show that he can be the hitter he was back in his “prime” years of 2010-2016.

With the revamped version of Cabrera having a strong return to play in Summer Camp, the odds are in his court. This is not a storyline where Cabrera showed up to camp, and it just seems that things are clicking, he looks better physically, he has performed well in camp, things are going well.

The Tigers may be focused on the development of youngsters, and Cabrera will not be here forever, but they still have him under contract through 2023. If the Tigers want things to go smoothly through the end of this rebuild, a resurgence for Cabrera would be fantastic.

A resurgence may not do a ton for him, but the thirty-seven year old would at least benefit from a comeback season. Cabrera is not going to return to the incredible version of himself he was back in, say, 2012 but, there is for him to perform better if this resurgence pans out.

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Keep an eye on Miguel Cabrera during this upcoming Detroit Tigers 2020 season, watch for him to bounce back, and stage a bounce-back season.