Detroit Lions: Producing a top ten offense is realistic and on the horizon

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Detroit Lions
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It’s not unrealistic to expect that the Detroit Lions will deploy a top-ten offense during the 2020 NFL season.

Many of the national sports analysts seem to balk at the Detroit Lions quickly.  It’s a franchise that’s never won a Super Bowl, they haven’t won a playoff game since 1991, so the team is often overlooked.  Along with the Cleveland Browns, the Lions are often a punching bag for many other markets, fans, and now a trend of former players such as Eric Ebron, Quandre Diggs, Damon Harrison, and Darius Slay.

I understand the negativity, but it’s unwarranted.  This is a different organization now in 2020 from the Matt Millen, and wildly loyal William Clay Ford era.

We can’t continue to put this regime in the same category; it’s not appropriate despite the organizations’ lack of successes as a whole.  The franchise has a new owner in Sheila Ford Hamp, that will look to separate herself from her mother and father, hoping to carve out her own legacy.

It’s a relatively new general manager when you consider head coach Matt Patricia had been his first hire, which took place just about two years ago. The roster is in the midst of an extensive overhaul, and we should expect to see significant positive development from year two to three under Patricia.

Here are four reasons we should expect the Detroit Lions to deploy a top-ten offense in 2020.