Detroit Tigers: Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier trade may be a bad thing

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The Detroit Tigers should leave the Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazer trade rumors alone unless prospects are off the table.

In 2020, the Detroit Tigers have maintained a winning record, which is now at an even 5-5, shocking fans with the on-field product. Before the 60-game sprint season started and expanded season was announced, a Tigers postseason berth idea was kicked around by some.

If the Tigers even want to sniff the playoffs, they are going to have to be active in the trade market. Rumors from a recent ClickOnDetroit piece have the Tigers interested in New York Yankees infielder Miguel Andujar and outfielder Clint Frazier who are at the Yankees alternate training site.

Even thinking the Tigers are going to make the postseason still seems farfetched. Personally, if the Tigers do find their way into a wildcard spot, they will be stomped on by the higher seeds and get sent home quickly, but entertaining the thought can still be fun.

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To continue this hypothetical game, the Tigers may want to make some waves and go after Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier, who would both have a tremendous impact on this lineup.

If the Yankees are expecting any of the Tigers top starting pitcher prospects in return, shoot the deal down.

A World Series title in a 60-game season, knowing the next two years at a minimum is not going to be peak performance seasons, do not touch the pitching prospects.

Pitching prospects are a delicacy, especially given that most of them will fizzle out or become bullpen arms.

This is not to say that Casey Mize and Matt Manning are going to fizzle and end up in the bullpen, but thinking all of the top Tigers prospect arms are going to remain as highly touted is ludicrous. The Tigers should maintain their pitching prospect depth to help in the future.

Once they have an established pitching staff and are competitive, they can sell off remaining prospects for more depth in trades at that time. But there is still a way that a deal with the Yankees looks somewhat attractive to pipe dream fans.

The Detroit Tigers could trade for Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier from the Yankees and come out on top.

If the Tigers can somehow eliminate the top pitching arms from the conversation and the Yankees will still entertain, giving the organization either one or both of those players, take the deal. Team control is appealing, but this makes for a tough conversation for first overall pick Spencer Torkelson.

Andujar is under team control through arbitration until the 2024 season, where he becomes a free agent. Meaning the first and third basemen (for the most part) would be taking Torkelson’s spot at one of the two positions. Torkelson was moved to third immediately after being acquired.

There is no way Andujar would not provide a much-needed boost in the lineup, but the long-term viability compared to what would be given up does not seem worth it, unless the organization can float starting pitcher Matthew Boyd.

With the emergence of Spencer Turnbull and Boyd’s diminishing trade value, maybe Avila can pull a fast one. On the other hand, Frazier would be under team control until 2025, where he would become a free agent. He offers outfield depth and just overall added stability to the Tigers lineup.

At a lesser price, trying to acquire Frazier solely has less of a positional logjam and lightened price tag, which needs to be explored. But giving up prospects for Frazier and Andujar in return seems like a less than ideal move for this organization, rather than believing and trusting in the prospects.

These trade rumors should not be shot down, as there is an intriguing factor, but a “blockbuster” trade where the Yankees raid our farm system for Andujar and Frazier might light this fanbase on fire.

Amid a great start in 2020, enjoy the ride, get excited for the prospects that will be coming, but do not overreact and think a 2020 World Series title should be the goal. Playing competitive baseball, showing growth in multiple areas while seeing development from individual players, is crucial for the 2020 season.

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The Detroit Tigers should tread the water carefully when dealing with the New York Yankees in any trade talks for Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier.