Detroit Tigers: Trade deadline comes a lot quicker in shortened season

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Tigers are going to have to make some “snap decisions” when it comes to the 2020 trade deadline.

As the 2020 Detroit Tigers season presses on, the organization will have to make a few decisions as the trade deadline nears closer. Though the Tigers are only ten games in, the trade deadline is going to creep up very quickly on organizations around the league.

The 2020 trade deadline is set for August 31st, the end of the current month, leaving just over three weeks until that day comes and goes. Between now and then, the 5-5 Detroit Tigers are going to have to decide what is best for the organization.

Rumors have already started about the Tigers looking to acquire Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier from the New York Yankees since there is a VERY slim chance the Tigers could sneak into the postseason.

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On the other side of things, the Tigers young pitchers and some of the hitting prospects are about ready to start making their debuts in the big leagues.

Given that, shipping off prospects before getting to see what they offer to this rebuild seems a little risky.

Avoiding a prospect dump in hopes of contending is smart, but the Tigers should still explore some possible trades even if it means dismantling a functioning team by trading some veterans.

That would ultimately add to the pool of prospects the organization will be trying out all over the field.

Some of the offseason signings who are on one-year contracts might be players who could provide value to a team in contention or on the cusp of contention.

Even though the Tigers might be “on the cusp,” the 2020 World Series title would be a fluke, and there’s no need to “buy” and hurt the rebuild. Being a seller and ditching some of the players who could net prospects might be best in an unknown trade market.

Expect the Detroit Tigers to be sellers at the 2020 trade deadline, even amid the hot start.

When the Tigers brought in C.J. Cron and Jonathan Schoop this offseason, many would have expected Schoop to have the most value. However, Cron had a hot start and looks to get back in the box and become a force in the lineup.

Both Cron and Schoop are on one-year deals and could find themselves in a new home come August 31st if the right offer presents itself. Cron’s abilities in the box, especially being able to hit against lefties, drive his trade value up if his numbers stay up.

Schoop’s versatility and veteran status make him a trade target as he has been in prior seasons with other organizations. Beyond those two, the Tigers could see Matthew Boyd on his way out of Detroit, that is only if he can figure things out on the mound without destroying his trade value.

Boyd’s lackluster efforts on the mound seem to be reminiscent of the end of 2019, where his stats significantly fell off. Catcher Austin Romine could offer depth to a team looking to add some while they contend. Romine is on a one-year deal and could be replaced by Jake Rogers in tandem with Grayson Greiner.

For what its worth, the Tigers could also move Cameron Maybin and Iván Nova, who are on one-year deals as well. Maybin adds outfield depth and veteran clubhouse presence while Nova brings pitching depth and a veteran to the rotation/pitching staff.

If the Tigers are looking to move some of the mainstays of players who are still in arbitration like Matthew Boyd, two players come to mind. Michael Fulmer and Daniel Norris could be versatile opener/starter arms for a team that uses that style with their pitching staff.

Obviously, these two are far less likely to be dealt, but they are still names who could find themselves in a new home during the 2020 season if there is a significant sell-off. The odds of a lucrative trade offer are much lower than in a regular season, but why not explore the options?

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The Detroit Tigers will have to get together in the front office and decide what is best for the organization as the 2020 trade deadline approaches.