Detroit Lions: Could Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn get a free pass on 2020?

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The Detroit Lions fans looking for a coaching and GM change might be enraged due to the circumstances of the 2020 season.

As the Detroit Lions continue to press forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it points to an idea that might set some fans into a fit of rage. It would be fair to assume that there is a large group of the Lions fanbase that wants to see Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn packing their bags after another failure.

The 2020 season was supposed to be the chance that Patricia and Quinn have to right the ship and captivate the fanbase. Especially given the change in ownership from one Ford family member to another, things will not be all that different.

Given the uncertainty on how the National Football League (NFL) is going to continue through the 2020 season of a global pandemic brings about the idea that the Ford’s might become lenient. For example, looking at Patricia and Quinn, they might get a free pass to go out there and be terrible.

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That’s putting it lightly; mainly, this shortened season takes some pressure off of Patricia and Quinn with the likelihood that the regime lives on beyond the 2020 season being incredibly high.

The odds are that these two could run the 2020 season into the ground and will still be coming back in 2021 to keep trying to build an off-brand New England Patriots franchise.

Now, to their credit, the 2020 NFL Draft class looks to be very strong and offers plenty of upside and excitement for the 2020 season.

Regardless, the way things are starting to look, the current regime is going to have all the excuses in the world by the time the 2020 season is said and done.

This is all assuming that the Lions are terrible in 2020 and fall into the “same old Lions” category once again rather than turning a corner.

Patricia and Quinn are going to be able to go to the Ford’s and pitch the “we just need another year” and blame COVID-19 and all of the obstacles it will cause during 2020.

The sad thing is, it just sounds so believable, the 2020 season is likely to have a wrench thrown in at some point and it will become Quinn and Patricia’s crutch to continue on.

It sucks to think about it this way, and being optimistic is the best plan of action, even after it leads to disappointment every season. But, the logic is there, an uncertainty-filled season with obstacles bound to pop-up?

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This has all the makings of a Patricia and Quinn excuse train to keep the regime plugging along as the Detroit Lions continue to try and become the Detroit Patriots.