Detroit Tigers: Series with Cardinals remains on the shelf once again

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Tigers are off to a hot start but their series with the St. Louis Cardinals continues to be postponed.

While the Detroit Tigers have gotten out to a great start during the 2020 season, things are going to get complicated. Moreover complicated for the St. Louis Cardinals who are continuing to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was announced that the Cardinals and Tigers were going to try and play their postponed series out this Thursday but things have changed. The Tigers doubleheader scheduled to get two of the games in was postponed amid concerns that more testing was needed.

Now the news was not a shock, but this means after the Tigers series with the Chicago White Sox concludes, the Tigers will be off for a day before picking up action on Friday against the Cleveland Indians.

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Looking at the 2020 season, off-days are few and far between, and the Tigers are getting off days left and right amid cancellations.

Which, yes, works in the benefit of the Tigers, but sucks given that they are falling behind in terms of games played.

With a hot start to 2020, staying on the field and keeping the good feeling going is crucial if the Tigers truly want to get something out of this shortened sprint season. The playoffs are a lofty goal even with expanded playoffs, but after such a hot start it does not seem so crazy.

Development and growth should still be the forefront of focus for the 2020 season but with the hot start, it would be so rewarding for the fanbase to see some winning. But, this postponement gives the organization a chance to shake up the rotation.

While the Tigers are only going to have a day off, they can try to shake things up and stay hot while moving Turnbull into the ace role. The organization should use the break from the should-be Cardinals series to get things switched around.

Though a break, even one day, may not seem like much but there are very few off-days during the 2020 shortened season. The plan to make up these games with the Cardinals has not been laid out as this is the second postponement of this series amid the COVID-19 pandemic striking St. Louis.

The Tigers should use this day off to stay loose, get a workout in before the series with the Indians and get back to it. With such a hot start, they need to stay in the same groove if they truly want a shot at the playoffs.

It has been shocking, but incredibly fun to watch the Tigers in 2020 and even with a day off, it allows for a re-group. Using this to reshuffle the rotation, rest some of the hitters, and then head to Cleveland refreshed. Given the off-days the Tigers have had, they have a slight leg up on other teams.

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At initial glance, the postponement sucks, especially since it has to be dropped in somewhere else in the schedule. However, the Detroit Tigers will look to keep their hot start going.