Detroit Tigers: Jeimer Candelario finding success in 2020 season

(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images) /

Entering 2020, Jeimer Candelario’s time with the Detroit Tigers seemed numbered, but he has changed that narrative.

When the Detroit Tigers kicked off the 2020 season, Jeimer Candelario could have been tabbed as needing to have a breakout season. Candelario was unable to really get things going, be consistent, and prove he belonged in the lineup whether at first or third.

In his age-26 season, Candelario seems to be changing the narrative, a great sign for Tigers fans. A switch-hitter in the box and first and third baseman, Candelario has started to figure some things out.

On top of the success, for his past week of games, Candelario was named as the American League (AL) Player of the Week nominee. In the past week, Candelario has hit .423/.500/.923 with three home runs and nine RBI for the Tigers to earn him this recognition.

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The 2020 season has been exceptional for Candelario, he has shown major strides in the box, looking like a completely new hitter.

The Tigers have been able to see Candelario grow, make changes, and it appears it has paid off.

Candelario appears to have fine-tuned aspects of his approach and swing that have helped contribute to some of this success at the plate.

He looks to be laying off pitches that he would not have in the past, making better swing selections, and driving the ball much better.

So far in 2020, Candelario has played in 43 games, hitting .325/.385/.571 with seven home runs and 28 RBI for the Tigers.

Shocking improvement from the .203/.306/.337 with only eight home runs and 32 RBI in 2019 for the Tigers.

While he has been seeing the ball better and appearing to make better choices, his strikeout numbers are only down a minimal amount. But, it is a start, and the success in the box that is evident by his elevated numbers is more than worth it.

If Jeimer Candelario carries this success through 2020, he could prove to be a quality member of the Detroit Tigers rebuild.

The 2020 season has been a weird one, but Candelario’s success is phenomenal, and it is great to see him finding his stride in the box. The hope is that Candelario can finish the 2020 season strong and end on a high note.

This “high note” could be crucial for his future success with the Tigers organization. What that means is, ending the 2020 campaign strong might be incredibly beneficial for his confidence, allowing him to carry the success into the 2021 season.

If fans have learned one thing, the rebuild is still underway, but call-ups have shown that there is plenty to be excited about, and phasing these kids in will be fun to watch.

Carrying on, if Candelario can be one of the players who stick around, having five years of pro experience, he could be a mentor for these younger prospects the fans are watching get phased in.

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Nonetheless, it is fantastic to see Candelario having this success in 2020, changing the narrative that most were feeling about him.