Red Wings: 2020 NHL Entry Draft helps architecture of Yzer-plan

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The Detroit Red Wings are amid the Yzer-plan, and hopes should be high after Tampa Bay’s Stanley Cup win.

The Detroit Red Wings fans have been hanging with the Yzer-plan since General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman has been appointed. After seeing the success that Yzerman had found in Tampa Bay with the Lightning, the hopes need to be high.

Yzerman relied heavily on drafting and piecing together some incredible rosters that never seemed to get the job done of winning the Stanley Cup Championship. He was able to find some steals in drafts that have amounted to some of Tampa’s stars and overall just exceptional players.

With the increased draft capital last year, this year, and even next year, Yzerman will look to fill out a rebuild and do the same thing here in Detroit. Even being “wishful thinking,” Yzerman seems like he can get the job done with the number of draft choices and top three round draft choices at his disposal.

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The Red Wings are quickly approaching the 2020 NHL Draft, and they possess ten selections throughout the seven rounds.

They have three second-round picks for the second year in a row and possess two third-round choices as well.

Yzerman should use these draft choices to bring in players he feels best fit the system he is building towards as he looks to usher in competition once again.

He may not be able to recreate what Tampa Bay was, but with the amount of draft capital between last year, this year, and next year, he should excel.

With the recent Marc Staal trade with the New York Rangers, Yzerman was able to add another second-round pick, making it three straight years of three second-round picks.

The expectation would be that these three years of draft picks will help fuel a rebuild that looks as if it could work out well, given the standing of the Red Wings current prospects and flourishing from some of the established players.

The architecture that Tampa Bay had allowed them to bounce back from a first-round exit in 2018-19 and come away as the champions of the 2019-20 season and the NHL playoff bubble that was instituted a pandemic.

Yzerman is not entirely the source as he is in his second year with Detroit, but the Lightning’s foundation comes from the house that Yzerman built. He constructed a successful and winning hockey team, coached by Jon Cooper that got the job done.

Hopefully, Yzerman and his Yzer-plan can do the same here in Detroit. If he can use the draft capital, use his resources, and use the cap space to build a competitive team, there’s a lot to be excited about.

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For now, fans should sit back and look forward to the 2020 NHL Entry Draft to see what Steve Yzerman does to further his Yzer-plan for the Detroit Red Wings organization.