The Detroit Lions can make a statement against the Saints in week four

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The Detroit Lions will battle the New Orleans Saints Sunday at Ford Field; this game can be a real turning point in the season for the Lions.

The first two weeks of the season could not have been any worse for the Detroit Lions; losing two games to divisional opponents made last week’s game against the Cardinals a must-win contest. Give the Lions credit for pulling out a win on the road, and this week’s game versus the Saints is a chance for the Lions too put themselves in a position to compete for a playoff spot.

Some will say that it’s way too early for talk of playoffs, but if this season is to have meaning, the Lions must win this game Sunday. Matt Patricia did a really nice job keeping his team together in the face of adversity.

For that, Patricia deserves credit; it looked like all of the coordinators were on the same page with the Head coach, and a game plan was implemented that worked. He was able to cool down the hot seat he is in for the time being, which can be cooled further if week four ends in the Lions favor.

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The Saints will present different problems for the Lions, starting with Drew Brees, a future Hall of Fame quarterback that is not easily fooled, but stopping Brees is not the key too victory.

The Saints injuries have been piling up but they can still do damage and the Lions will look to combat this.

The most dangerous player on the field is Alvin Kamara, a dangerous play-maker who is lethal when the ball is in his hands; stopping Kamara is paramount.

Not having to deal with Michael Thomas is welcome news for the Lions Defense.

Generating some life to a pass-rush that has been non-existed since last year would make Brees uncomfortable and could lead to some turnovers.

The return of  Kenny Golladay was a welcome sight for the entire offensive unit, and with the Saints not having starting cornerbacks Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins, the trio of Stafford, Jones, and Golladay should have a considerable impact on this game.

It’s time for the Lions offensive line to go out and dominate a game; being able to run the ball early and often will set the tone and allow the Lions to take shots down the field as the game goes on.

Jonah Jackson has been quite impressive, his versatility was evident last week, starting at left guard instead of the right guard and not missing a beat. The Lions offensive line has the look of a talented unit that can gel and take over games.

Using all three of their running backs will allow the Lions to wear down the Saints defense and chew up the clock. The Saints are a wounded team, which makes them dangerous, but the Lions can not let them come to town and get a win.

It’s time for the Lions to make a statement by winning this game and setting the tone for the rest of the season.

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The time is now for The Detroit Lions to make this starving fan base proud to be a Lions fan, to gain respect from the rest of the NFL, and let them know that when you play the Detroit Lions, it’s going to be a battle all game long.