Red Wings: Rounds 2-7 recap of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft

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Red Wings, Lucas Raymond
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The Detroit Red Wings have officially gone through the 2020 NHL Entry Draft after completing rounds 2-7; here’s a look at how day two shook out.

Coming into day two of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, the Detroit Red Wings were going to be making nine total selections. However, General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman did what he does best, managed the draft and pulled a few moves to ensure they get the players they really want.

He managed to flip two of the selections to bring home two extra selections. Here’s a quick snapshot of the trades that Yzerman made throughout day two of the draft. He would make four moves in total on the day.

Yzerman first sent a second-round pick, the 45th overall selection, for Los Angeles Kings second-round pick, 51st overall, and their fourth-round selection, 97th overall.

In the third round, Yzerman moved one of the Red Wings third-round selections, the 65th overall selection, to the Minnesota Wild for their third-round selection just five picks later at 70th overall. Also, getting a fifth-round selection from the Wild at 132nd overall with this move made by Yzerman.

Following that trade, Yzerman would not be finished, making another deal with the Vegas Golden Knights, sending them the Red Wings fifth-round selection at 125th overall in exchange for a 2022 fourth-round draft choice.

In their last move of the day, the Red Wings would send a 2021 seventh-round selection to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for the Blues 2020 seventh-round selection.

In total, the Red Wings were able to make ten total selections on day two of the draft, sticking with the Swedish talent early on. Yzerman seems to be looking to start bringing in some European talent for this organization’s future as they trek on through the rebuild.

On day one, it was Swedish forward Lucas Raymond, who was selected by the Red Wings with the fourth overall selection. Raymond is a playmaking forward who will be a future threat for this organization; paired with some of these day two selections, the Red Wings future will look bright.

Yzerman’s drafts are what helped him get the Tampa Bay Lightning on track and into an era of competition where they finally won the Stanley Cup Championship in 2019-20. Yzerman was able to have a stellar draft in 2019, and he came back in 2020 to have another successful interview.

The Detroit Red Wings will be set up for a successful rebuild the way things are trending, and while day two had the most selections and impact this year, this offseason is far from over. Yzerman has been busy, and getting through the draft is just one aspect of this offseason.

Things seem to be pointing towards the idea that Yzerman will have a busy offseason, and more moves are going to be made. For now, take a look at how day two shook out and how the Red Wings organization fared in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.