Detroit Tigers need to move on from Grayson Greiner behind the plate

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The Detroit Tigers need to move on from Grayson Greiner and explore the other options the organization has.

As the Detroit Tigers revisit the 2020 season and take a better look at the stats. Hopefully, they take a look at the catchers and realize that Grayson Greiner needs to be cut out. The jury may not be fully out on Greiner, but after his 2020 performance, they need to move on.

The Tigers have options; they have catchers like Jake Rogers and Dillon Dingler making their way to the big leagues. Austin Romine finished out a one-year contract after quite the impressive season.

On the other hand, Greiner was unable to get things going, and frankly, it does not seem like he is going to. After three less than ideal seasons with the big-league club, moving on and pursuing some of the other options seems like the best move.

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Greiner would play in 18 of the Tigers 60 games in 2020, where he hit .118/.182/.333 with 20 strike-outs over 51 at-bats.

This was his worst performance of each of his three big-league stints since he made his debut in 2018.

He has not been an everyday guy for the Tigers, especially with the signing of Romine and his success, but Greiner is not worth keeping around.

While the Tigers may not be looking to go out and spend on the free-agent market, a reunion with James McCann may be worth some cash.

Even though the Tigers will likely put Greiner back out there in 2021, it is too early to see how the roster will shape up after some likely menial signings, Greiner needs to be moved on from.

If they want to keep him around for depth, sure, but enough is enough. The lack of offense is more than enough to start looking at some of the organization’s other options, either internal or external.

While Jake Rogers may not be ready for his second chance in the big leagues after he has been struggling to hit, he may need to be brought up either way. If the Tigers still feel Rogers is “their guy” for the future of the Tigers backstops, he should be brought up to start catching the younger talent.

But, in the more realistic world, they will keep Greiner around, make a small signing like Romine again or someone comparable, and ride it out until either Rogers figures it out or Dingler makes his way to the big leagues.

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One thing is certain: seeing Grayson Greiner behind the dish on a daily basis is just going to lead to frustration over a lack of output and production.