Detroit Lions: 3 players to move leading up to the NFL trade deadline

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MLB Jarrad Davis

I’ve been extremely disappointed with the Detroit Lions former first-round pick Jarrad Davis for quite some time.  He struggles in coverage; he’s become a miss-tackling machine, something you don’t want to be known for playing like an NFL middle linebacker.

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However, Davis is a ball of athleticism and a linebacker that is effective in rushing the passer.  His speed allows for plenty of quarterback pressures. He’s proved of late to be relentless hunting the quarterback; the problem is it usually takes a gallant effort because Davis swings and misses so often on the first tackling attempt.

Davis is usually quick to the backfield but struggles to get the ball carrier to the ground; it’s something that’s been a regular trend throughout Davis’ career.  This season according to PFF, Davis has earned a tackling grade of just 45 or awful.

The former first-round pick is enjoying an excellent overall grade of 81.1, but that is a skewed evaluation understanding Davis’ involvement in Detroit’s defense has vastly decreased since the start of the season.

Davis has gone from 35 and 46 defensive snaps in Detroit’s first two games to 45 total defensive snaps over the next three games combined.  He’s found himself out of favor and usually just used as a pass-rusher.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers love athletic linebackers.  They’ve just lost former Michigan Wolverine Devin Bush for the season; Davis may succeed in Mike Tomlin’s system.  Davis, another pending free agent that is unlikely to return, may fetch a sixth or seventh-round pick should be shopped to the contending Steelers.