Detroit Lions: 3 Dallas Cowboys’ players to trade for at the deadline

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As the November 3rd NFL trade deadline vastly approaches, here are three players the Detroit Lions should target from the Dallas Cowboys.

The Detroit Lions heart-throbbing victory Sunday over the Atlanta Falcons may have just flipped the organizations’ trade deadline course.  If Detroit happened to lose, the team would be 2-4 rather than 3-3, perhaps prompting general manager Bob Quinn to become a seller.

Instead, Quinn and the Lions brass should strongly consider buying before the November 3rd trade deadline.

The Dallas Cowboys are a complete mess, and it can only be hard on Jerry Jones’ ego.  The aggressive yet loyal owner appears to be defeated as he’s often shown on the television broadcast grinding his teeth with a disheveled look on his face of late.

Jones’ hire of Mike McCarthy is starting to look more and more like a mistake, as he’s in jeopardy of losing the locker room.  Rumors recently surfaced of players blaming the Cowboys coaching staff for being underprepared, and clueless.

At some point, the players need to perform and need to be held accountable, but also Jones’ rushed hire isn’t looking so hot.  The Cowboys only interviewed McCarthy and Marvin Lewis, before handing the keys over to McCarthy.

Following Sunday’s loss to the Washington Football Team, it appears that the Dallas Cowboys already minus Dak Prescott may have lost Andy Dalton after taking a vicious, dirty hit to the head in the game.  That was likely the final blow, signaling a Cowboys tank job.

Here are three players the Detroit Lions should target in a trade;