Detroit Tigers: A.J. Hinch is latest frontrunner in manager search rumors

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The Detroit Tigers have reportedly narrowed in on A.J. Hinch as the frontrunner for their vacant manager position.

The Detroit Tigers are still on the hunt for a new manager; with rumors about a plethora of different names, A.J. Hinch seems to be the frontrunner. The Chicago White Sox have announced that they have coaxed Tony La Russa out of retirement to be their new manager.

Tigers General Manager (GM) Al Avila needs to get on the phone and call Jim Leyland to get him out of retirement and back into an olde’ English “D” uniform once again. All jokes aside, the Tigers seem to have narrowed their search to none other than Hinch.

Former Houston Astros manager A.J. Hinch was seemingly a phenomenal manager during his time in Houston; however, that skillset could be tainted by the sign-stealing scandal. The Tigers were finally able to speak with Hinch after the 2020 World Series conclusion, as Jason Beck reported.

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Hinch has been out of baseball for a year after the sign-stealing investigation left him on the outside looking in for a season after a suspension for his involvement.

If the Tigers do ultimately hire Hinch, it could make for some interesting days/weeks in the news as the fanbase reacts.

While there is plenty of support to bring in Hinch as the new manager of this organization, there are also plenty of haters out there who feel Hinch’s involvement with the sign-stealing ruins any hope they have to have him as the Tigers manager.

It seems that Hinch “served his time” after sitting out this year.

Personally, I think there should have been far more punishments for the Astros, but Hinch is an intriguing option.

Looking at Hinch, it is no secret that he was able to find success with the Astros organization. His managerial record of 481-329 with the Astros shows this if the divisional finish and postseason appearances did not say enough.

The issue that has to be brought up is, are those numbers skewed. Obviously, that is true; the Astros won the 2017 World Series, the 2019 American League Pennant, finishing first in the American League West in 2018, and never finishing worse than third while at the helm of the Astros.

However, all of the success starting in 2017 was the product of a sign-stealing operation, and it ruins things for Hinch. It seems that the Tigers will be diligent and ensure that Hinch is the right fit for this organization. But as it has been reported, it seems like Hinch is the frontrunner for the job.

Keep in mind, though, the rumors have changed daily in the managerial hunt; first, it was Dodgers first base coach George Lombard, then Marcus Thames and Phil Nevin, and now Hinch. Time will tell, but the latest rumors seem to have Hinch being the one who will take over this rebuilding team.

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While the Detroit Tigers have not officially made an announcement, the latest reports point to the idea that A.J. Hinch will be named as the organization’s new manager.