Detroit Tigers: 3 players that should be re-signed on one-year deals

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Detroit Tigers, C.J. Cron
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The Detroit Tigers may not have lost many players to free agency, but three of those players should be brought back on one-year contracts in 2021.

The Detroit Tigers are moving into the offseason after the Los Angeles Dodgers were crowned 2020 World Series champions. The offseason process now begins, and teams can start negotiating with their free agents for five days before other teams may begin reaching out, and the fun begins.

The Tigers may not have a large or desirable group of free agents, but three of the free agents should be brought back for another season with the organization on one-year deals. Also, of note, Jordan Zimmermann finally came off the payroll as a blessing for the organization.

If General Manager (GM) Al Avila wants to go out and have an effective offseason, one-year deals will be the way to go. Avila should realize this organization is still rebuilding, and one-year deals allow for “rentals” and no long-term commitments that put the organization in a bad spot.

The focus should be on a time when the team is competitive once again and not having a plethora of lingering contracts sets the organization up for more success.

Spending will happen, just not yet; this is another offseason where the contracts should be short and sweet, just enough to get by for another season.

Given the Tigers free agents that they can negotiate with exclusively, for the time being, three stick out as candidates to be brought back for another year with the organization. C.J. Cron, Austin Romine, and Jonathan Schoop are three players who should be re-signed.

Take a look at these three players and why they should be brought back for another season with the Tigers.