Detroit Tigers: 3 players who will not last through the rebuild

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Detroit Tigers, Joe Jiménez
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The Detroit Tigers rebuild has taken time and is not over yet, but take a look at three players who will not make it through the rebuild in a Tigers uniform.

The Detroit Tigers are looking to make a turn in the rebuild and start to show some development in the right direction. They are still far from getting things off the ground and rolling and truly turning the corner.

However, this offseason should call for some big changes for the organization, especially after hiring A.J. Hinch as the new manager. While The Tigers should not be losing nearly 120 ballgames during the 2021 season, they have not turned the corner.

Some of the prospects are getting their chance to strut their stuff in the big leagues, but it will still take time for them to start truly panning out. All of that being said, what does this mean for some of the veteran players the organization has?

Some of them will be moving on, and there are a few who seemed like they might be around through the rebuild, but in reality, this is likely not the case. The Tigers still have time to lock down any veterans they want to keep around, but a few are likely to be gone sooner than later.

As was mentioned previously, the rebuild is not nearly over. Some of these veterans could be gone quicker than expected; the Tigers should be a drastically different team in the coming years. It is no secret that the organization possesses some of the best prospects in all of baseball.

The issue is, hoping that all of these prospects finally get the chance to play in the big leagues and that they amount to their full potential that they are supposed to. Veterans that are clogging spots take away opportunities from these prospects, which is why some will be headed out soon.

Players that come to mind are ones like Matthew Boyd, Miguel Cabrera, Michael Fulmer, Joe Jiménez, and others. While some of the veterans’ contracts will run out like Cabrera, and that will be the end of it, for some, it might be a trade or designation for assignment that calls for departure.

As the rebuild trudges on and continues, take a look at three players who are unlikely to be wearing a Tigers uniform when the team is competitive once again.