Detroit Tigers: 3 players who will not last through the rebuild

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Detroit Tigers, Jeimer Candelario
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While Jeimer Candelario was money during the 2020 season for the Detroit Tigers, he may be gone by the time the rebuild ends.

This one is a bit more of a stretch, but Jeimer Candelario could be playing elsewhere when the Detroit Tigers are competitive once again. After an exceptional 2020 season campaign, Candelario might have turned a corner.

Candelario has played five years in the big leagues and is heading into his sixth season. The soon to be 27-year old will not be a free agent until the 2024 season and could be someone the Tigers move to address a need or add more prospects to the crop of them in the farm system.

After 2020, Candelario’s value has grown, and he will be looking to keep things trending positively in the 2021 season. Candelario played in 52 games for the Tigers, where he hit .297/.369/.503 with seven home runs and 29 RBI for the Tigers.

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He has morphed into a first and third baseman after coming up as a third baseman for this organization.

He will look to continue the success he has found, but he may find himself in a new uniform before the Tigers are a winning ball-club.

While Candelario could be kept around as one of the organization’s veteran players to see things through the rebuild, but could also get traded to re-coup any sort of value they can.

If the Tigers try to throw together a package with some 2021 rentals, including Candelario, to sweeten the deal, his time in a Tigers uniform may be numbered.

Of the three players mentioned throughout, Candelario might be the least likely to get moved by the Tigers; he is still one of the players who it seems like could be playing elsewhere. The Tigers will have some decisions to make as prospects burst into the big leagues and need places to slot into the lineup.

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The Detroit Tigers may be more apt to move some of the players currently on the roster, freeing up space but moving on from some of the “mainstays” from recent years.