Detroit Tigers: Rick Porcello reunion should be considered this offseason

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As the Detroit Tigers continue to weight out options of players they can sign, a reunion with Rick Porcello is worth exploring for the front office.

The Detroit Tigers have not made any specific signings this offseason, but they could kick it off by adding a starting pitcher. They do not need to spend a lot on starting pitching, given that it seems they are going to start phasing in some of the youngsters, but they do need one.

If the front office wants to take an interesting approach, they can consider reaching out to former Tigers starting pitcher Rick Porcello who could help the rotation. Now 31 years old, Porcello has not suited up in a Tigers uniform since the 2014 season.

He went on to play five seasons for the Boston Red Sox before spending the 2020 season in a New York Mets uniform. While in Boston, Porcello took home a Cy Young award, beating out another former Tigers pitcher during the 2016 Cy Young race where he beat out Justin Verlander.

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But now, at 31, he has not had the prettiest stats in recent years and a rebound year would crucial for him. Porcello could look to bounce back and a one-year deal might do the trick for the starter.

In 2020, Porcello tossed 59 innings over 12 starts for the Mets where he had a 5.64 ERA and a 1.51 WHIP during that time.

The year before that, in the last full season, Porcello had 174.1 innings pitched with a 14-12 record over 32 starts. Porcello had a 5.52 ERA and a 1.39 WHIP for the Red Sox in his last year there.

He could be someone the Tigers place in the back of the rotation, which helps eat some innings but also has some intriguing upside.

For the Tigers, Porcello could easily become a “rental” or at least someone who gets moved at the trade deadline depending on his 2021 performance. A one-year deal with Porcello, bringing him back to Detroit could be interesting.

With Derek Fetter named as the new pitching coach, he could translate some of his success at the NCAA level to the big league level. That being said, he could work with Porcello and hopefully get him back on track as the team takes the field again in the 2021 season.

If the Tigers are looking for investments into players who could possibly be “rentals” Porcello might be the one to target. He could definitely add some help to the Tigers rotation, becoming a bit of a mentor of the Tigers’ younger pitchers.

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The Detroit Tigers should consider signing Rick Porcello as the offseason progresses on and they try to fill out their roster.