Michigan Hockey: Trio of freshmen carrying Wolverines offense

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The Michigan Hockey program has relied on the success of freshmen Matty Beniers, Thomas Bordeleau, and Kent Johnson early on in their 2020-21 season.

The Michigan Wolverines hockey program has gotten off to an incredible start as Michigan hockey is 4-1 through their first five games. They have been able to tap into some success from a trio of freshmen that have been carrying their offense early on in the season.

Matty Beniers, Thomas Bordeleau, and Kent Johnson are the trio of freshmen that the Wolverines see the most success from. The hot start has not gone unnoticed as the Wolverines have jumped into fourth place in the USCHO rankings.

They have a solid team all around and are likely going to end up near the top of the rankings the rest of the way, no matter what the season brings. Keep an eye out for these freshmen, and Michigan hockey looks to make a run for a National Championship.

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All three of these freshmen forwards are atop the national leaderboards for scoring.

While some conferences have not gotten their seasons underway, Michigan populates near the top of the leaderboards.

All three of them are in the top ten in scoring, with Bordeleau and Johnson being in that top grouping, tied for third-most points.

Bordeleau has played in five games and has two goals and five assists for seven total points.

Johnson has one goal and six assists for seven points as well over his five games in the 2020-21 season.

Beniers is not too far behind with two goals and three assists for five total points in his five-game start.

If the Wolverines really were to get desperate of ballsy, they could consider flipping all three of these freshmen onto a line to see what happens. Granted, they are all freshmen who have not played Big Ten hockey for more than a handful of games, but they have adjusted very well so far.

Michigan hockey could easily find its way into the national championship conversation if these three forwards continue to play the way they have. Not to mention other young players like Owen Power and Cam York who appear to be holding things down defensively.

The Wolverines are poised for a good run, and the hot start for these three freshmen is only helping their chances of making a run this year. The Michigan football team might be putting forth a lackluster effort, but the Michigan hockey team is looking to put together quite the season.

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So, for Michigan Wolverines fans looking to watch a winning product, tune into the Michigan hockey games to see Matty Beniers, Thomas Bordeleau, and Kent Johnson tearing it up on the ice.