Detroit Pistons: Sekou Doumbouya’s development is crucial

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Detroit Pistons forward Sekou Doumbouya already does a great job cutting to the basket.

He’s always moving without the ball and makes timely cuts.  This was evident in the preseason game against the Knicks, where he scored multiple times off of cuts. If his shot has improved, he will be even harder to guard off the ball and could provide crucial spacing for Killian Hayes pick and rolls or be a pick and pop threat.

A year of strengthening and maturing will be beneficial for him, as it will help him finish through or over defenders at the rim. A lot of these should just come with time as Doumbouya gains experience and becomes more confident.

Even as a rookie, Doumbouya made an impact. Due to injuries, he drew tough matchups early on in his NBA stints, such as Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James. Obviously, he didn’t shut them down, but he did an excellent job making their lives difficult.

His length and athleticism allow him to match up with nearly anyone in the league, and his nonstop motor allows him to make plays all over the floor.

He was even able to his length to contest shots at the rim. He is not a perfect defender by any means yet. He still needs to improve his rotations and technique, but even now, he should already provide a positive impact on defense.