Detroit Pistons: Sekou Doumbouya’s development is crucial

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Sekou Doumbouya has a nearly perfect mentor in Jerami Grant.

Both are 6-8 small/power forward hybrids with great length, defensive ability and entered the league as suspect shooters. Grant did a great job greatly improving as a shooter and scorer without the ball and knowing how to use his length to become a great defender.

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Doumbouya should learn from Grant and become a great defender and off the player like Grant was on a contending Nuggets team.

The difference between the two is Doumbouya has even more potential than Grant. Doumbouya already has 20 lbs on Grant, which should help him become an even more versatile defender and have some ability to score in the post against smaller players. Plus, Doumbouya is a more explosive athlete and better at getting to the rim than Grant, hinting at an even higher upside in the future.

Despite a lackluster rookie season, Detroit Pistons second-year forward, Doumbouya is still an exciting prospect. The goal is he can continue to develop and become a Jerami Grant-lite this year, a long defender who plays well off the ball.

To get there, he should get decent minutes as a backup forward, providing energy off the bench. When he is playing, he should continue to be a disruptive defender and even guard the opposing team’s best scorer. On offense, he should continue to cut, spot up for threes, and get out in transition.

The goal is that easy looks for Hayes and Rose will allow him to build up his confidence. If he does well in this role, he could expand his game and run some pick and pops with Hayes and Rose.

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Like all young players, Doumbouya’s development will not be smooth sailing, but he has serious potential, and the Detroit Pistons should do everything they can to bring that out.