Detroit Tigers should refrain from re-signing catcher Austin Romine


A reconciliation between the Detroit Tigers and Austin Romine is not necessary and would be downright foolish.

As Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila tries to piece together a somewhat intriguing product for fans to enjoy heading into the 2021 Major League Baseball season, one glaring need remains; a catcher.  In fact, not just one catcher, but the team needs to decide on a pair of catchers that they’d like to start the new season with behind the plate.

The thought of having to suffer through an entire season with a combination of Grayson Greiner, Jake Rogers, and Eric Haase behind the plate makes me nauseous.

If the organization remains fixated on refusing to make a splash in free agency, the obvious and clear option in my eyes is to re-sign current free agent, Austin Romine, that is until I took a closer look.

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Although the veteran catcher struggled at the plate in September this past summer, hitting a disastrous .157 and stashing a stomach-churning .157/.185/.176 line for the month, in his defense, it doesn’t depict his season as a whole.

Romine made 37 starts in 2020, earning a .238/.259/.323 line.  Nothing there jumps out at you and screams ‘must-sign,’ but he hit .283 during August and absolutely raked while facing left-handed pitching earning a stellar .318/.348/.455 line.

That being said, Romine’s strikeout rate of 34.8% had been the worst of his career in 2020, but a good sign had been his career-high 47.6% hard-hit rate when he did make contact.  That did translate into plenty of success early on in the season for the Detroit Tigers.

Now, some more bad news.

After posting a respectable 4.8 framing grade in 2018 with the New York Yankees, he’s slipped in that category according to FanGraphs; he’s become a below-average framer behind the dish at -3.1 last season with the Detroit Tigers.  Romine has a career average wins above replacement of 0.2 but produced a negative -0.5 number in 2020.

To put it simply, the Detroit Tigers can get better production elsewhere for a similar, and in some cases cheaper rate.

Since the Detroit Tigers refuse to sign a catcher like J.T. Realmuto or even Wilson Ramos, a reunion with Alex Avila is becoming a real possibility.  If that is the case, it would be the third time around for the veteran catcher in Detroit.

It’s a move that does make some sense.  He’s better than Romine behind the plate, has the ability to bring the youthful Tiger pitching staff along, and regularly maintains a plus .300 on-base percentage year after year.

Many would feel an Avila signing would be more about a father keeping his son employed, but he’s a better option than Romine at this point, and likely for a fraction of the price.

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Alternative veteran catching options are Jason Castro, Kurt Suzuki, Robinson Chirinos, Tyler Flowers, and Matt Wieters.