Detroit Red Wings moved to Central; What does this mean for 2020-21?

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The Detroit Red Wings will be moved to the Central division for the 2020-21 season.

Over the last 72 hours, the Detroit Red Wings found out they will be taking the ice once again in the coming weeks. The 2020-21 season is set to begin on January 13th, when the organization will kick off a 56-game slate against seven opponents.

There is a change in who the Red Wings opponents will be for the 2020-21 season given this 56-game schedule. The organization will be moving to the Central Division for the 2020-21 season, where they will see some old faces once again.

The Red Wings 56-game slate will be made up of 8-game series spread out over the season against each of the other seven teams within the division. That being said, take a look at the Red Wings opponents for the upcoming 2020-21 season.

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2020-21 Central Division

  1. Carolina Hurricanes
  2. Chicago Blackhawks
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets
  4. Dallas Stars
  5. Detroit Red Wings
  6. Florida Panthers
  7. Nashville Predators
  8. Tampa Bay Lightning

The Red Wings will see a good mix of teams given this set-up, some old foes, and current foes. If this list looks like it’s missing Canadian teams, all seven of the Canadian teams were put into their own division where they will face off against each other for anyone who missed that announcement.

But, for Red Wings fans, flashbacks to playoff match-ups against the Chicago Blackhawks are going to come back as the team will face off with them eight times over the course of the 2020-21 season.

Also returning to the slate of games is the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators, who frequented the Red Wings schedule in their Western Conference days. Since moving to the Eastern Conference, the team has become accustomed to getting beaten by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The 2019-20 Stanley Cup Champions followed the Red Wings over to the Central division with this 2020-21 realignment that has gone on. Regardless, it is a mix of the Red Wings normal Atlantic Division rivals and some old rivals from days in the Western Conference.

Beyond realignment, there will be some changes to the structure of the playoffs. The top four teams in each division will make the playoffs; however, the Red Wings will be lucky to finish above last in the division.

For Red Wings fans, it might be fun to tune into a game where the organization is taking on the likes of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane once again like the old days. Things have changed dramatically for both of these teams, but it will be interesting to see the two face off routinely once again.

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Truly, the best part about all of this is, the Detroit Red Wings will be back on the ice once again, and NHL hockey is back. (Psssttt….. don’t sleep on NCHC collegiate hockey either)