Michigan Football: Josh Gattis should be the next to fall on the axe


The Michigan Football team has finally decided to fire defensive coordinator Don Brown; Josh Gattis should be next.

Michigan Football is wisely parting ways with veteran defensive coordinator Don Brown after producing a very uninspired Wolverines defense in 2020.  The lack of success against the Ohio State Buckeyes over the last couple of seasons certainly didn’t help Brown’s cause to remain a member of Jim Harbaugh‘s staff.

You don’t need to go back very far to recall Ryan Day’s Ohio State offense crushing Michigan football with an abundance of crossing routes.  Brown’s man-to-man defense is susceptible to those rub-routes, and his failure to make any adjustments is a crime.  Brown’s defense has the ability to beat up on the lesser teams, in turn, padding their stats, but when it came to Ohio State or Alabama, the rout was on.

Coach Harbaugh himself is currently hovering above scalding water and understanding that changes needed to be made.  Harbaugh’s next move should be parting ways with offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.

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The Michigan offense has been equally as bad as Brown’s defense in recent years.  If Harbaugh will remain in Ann Arbor, he needs to find not just one but two new coordinators.

It sounds crazy to say, but I’d prefer to see Harbaugh’s offense again rather than what Josh Gattis has produced for Michigan football.  Gattis was supposed to bring a spread, high octane offense to the Wolverines, which would allow all of these top recruits to excel in space.  Speed in space grouped with tempo was deemed to be the answer.

With how awful Shea Patterson and Joe Milton have been over the last three years combined, the programs remind me more of the Tate Forcier days rather than Chad Henne or even Denard Robinson, for that matter.

To give you a comparison, Ohio State ranks sixth in the country with 529 yards per game of total offense, just one slot behind the Crimson Tide.  Michigan ranked 78th, averaging 381 yards of total offense in 2020.  That is right there with Wyoming, Boston College, and Purdue; right where the Wolverines are expected to be, right?

It’s beyond embarrassing.

Once deemed a quarterback whisperer, Harbaugh hasn’t had any REAL success coaching up the position since Colin Kaepernick back in his San Francisco days.  You could argue Jim did ok with Jake Rudock, but it’s been crickets since.

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Harbaugh’s professional power-run scheme is a dated offense, but I’d prefer to see that over Gattis inefficient spread offense.  That’s where I’m currently at, folks.