Detroit Tigers: 3 Christmas wishes for the 2021 season

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Christmas wish #3: For the Detroit Tigers to not finish in last place in the American League Central division.

The last few years have been horrifyingly bad, maybe not as bad as the 2019-20 Detroit Red Wings season across town at Little Caesars Arena. But the Tigers 47-114 record in 2019 is up there.

Each of the last two years, the Detroit Tigers have found themselves in last place among the American League (AL) Central Division. The last six seasons for the Tigers have produced four last-place finishes. Something to note… The four years before that? Four first-place finishes in a row.

That is beyond the point, though; the 2021 season needs to be better for this organization, not up for debate. Tanking for draft picks is great, but the Tigers have had a top pick in far too many of the recent drafts; starting to trend upwards is well worth it for this organization.

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This is not asking that the organization jumps from dead last in the AL Central to first, but starting to piece together some wins, even throw-away wins at this point is progress.

It has already been mentioned in previous slides, but the Tigers have a new coaching staff led by A.J. Hinch managing.

The hope will be that Hinch can get a good thing going with this clubhouse, eventually seeing some good on-field products start to come together.

The prospects that are going to be worked in will need work and time to develop, which means they will not be able to move to the top of the division.

However, expecting them to win some ballgames, steal some games, and hopefully move up in the division, third or fourth.

Another way to put it, The Tigers should be looking to win 70 games this year. This is providing that the league plays out a 162-game schedule, though there are already rumblings that Opening Day could get pushed back.

While the rest of the AL Central has also gotten better, this may be wishing a lot for the Tigers to finish higher than last in the division. The 2021 season should still see the Kansas City Royals struggle, and the Tigers should be aiming to finish against the rebuilding rival.

To cap off these Christmas wishes, fans should be hoping the Detroit Tigers can string some wins together and find themselves in a better spot than in recent years.

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The time to start prying the window of competition open is now; it will take some time to get it fully open; why not start now?