Detroit Lions: Trey Flowers discloses he suffered a forearm fracture

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Detroit Lions defensive end Trey Flowers revealed that he was sidelined with a forearm fracture.

When Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia took over the Detroit Lions organization, they brought those vague injury reports with them.  During the season, players and coaches refuse to elaborate on injuries to maintain a competitive advantage.

During a Detroit Lions’ end of season zoom call, Trey Flowers revealed that he’d been sidelined with a fractured forearm.  All season long, it had been ‘an upper-body’ injury, and Flowers snickered during the zoom call first calling as such before admitting he did indeed have a hairline fracture in his forearm.

In an article published by Pride of Detroit, he described how the injury occurred.

"“I had actually fractured my forearm,” Flowers revealed. “I went to do a rip move against an offensive tackle inside and I hit his elbow, and I had a fracture in my forearm.”"

It was an injury that had Flowers sidelined since Week Nine.   The Detroit Lions are on the hook with Flowers for a long time.  Flowers signed that lucrative five-year $90 million deal that is only two seasons old.

The Detroit Lions do have an out after next season if they choose, but Flowers will still command a dead cap number of $11.2 million.

I’m not ready to give up on Flowers, but there are surely some people who expected more production from a player earning such a high salary.  If the new regime wanted to go in a different direction, all they’ll need to do is check Flowers’ dead cap number for 2021, which is a whopping $31.2 million and forget that notion.

Flowers recorded two sacks, 21 tackles, 13 total pressures, and 14 stops in seven games this past season.  Last year Flowers recorded 50 tackles, seven sacks, and 62 total hurries.  Flowers earned an 82.8 rating according to Pro Football Focus (PFF) last season and followed that up with an 83.3 rating in 2020.

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The good news is Flowers is expecting to be completely healed by April when the Detroit Lions are expecting to start their offseason workouts.