Detroit Tigers add two international prospects ranked in the top thirty in 2021 class

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Tigers reached agreements with a few international prospects during Friday’s signing period. Two of the international prospects that the organization signed come from MLB Pipeline’s Top 30 list of international amateur prospects from the 2021 class.

The Tigers managed to scoop up two infielders, Cristian Santana and Abel Bastidas, who are slated to offer some future big-league talent. On the day, the organization signed seven international prospects on Friday.

Not to say that these other prospects do not have big league upside, but the two who are ranked in the MLB Pipeline’s Top 30 list are the noteworthy names for fans to remember. For the time being, that is, one of these other signees could always have an incredible development path and turn some heads.

Take a look at the Tigers’ two international signings ranked in MLB Pipeline’s Top 30 list below!

The Detroit Tigers signed Cristian Santana to kick things off in the international signing pool.

First up is Cristian Santana, a 17-year old shortstop from the Dominican Republic. On MLB Pipeline’s Top 30 list, Santana was the 14th overall ranking prospect. He is the seventh-highest ranking shortstop on the list as well.

He has a 6-foot, 165-pound build that is likely to change as he continues growing and developing into his frame and comes into his own. Remember, he is only seventeen years old, so he has plenty of time to grow into his frame and really settle in.

Santana’s comparison on MLB Pipeline’s report is to a former 15-year veteran and former Tigers infielder. Santana has been akin to Jhonny Peralta with the possibility to be even better than Peralta was during his time in a Detroit Tigers uniform.

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It is very early to make predictions when he is only seventeen years old, but there is intrigue with Santana.

Showing some occasional pop that needs development while also maintaining a good approach at the plate makes him someone of interest for the Tigers.

He swings from the right side of the plate and should be able to excel in terms of having a strong approach at the plate.

He has shown flashes of consistent and steady fielding that is still developing, which is to be expected.

But it is exciting for the Tigers to add an international prospect who is one of the top-rated prospects in the entire signing class.

The other ranked prospect the Detroit Tigers signed was Abel Bastidas.

As the international signing period continued, the Detroit Tigers also signed Abel Bastidas, another shortstop. Bastidas is also seventeen years old, hailing from Carora, Venezuela, and is currently being taught by Cesar and Maicer Izturis, according to MLB Pipeline’s write-up.

Bastidas is a switch-hitter with a 6-foot-2, 165-pound frame who also was compared to a former Tigers infielder. MLB Pipeline compares Bastidas to 14-year veteran Carlos Guillen who played for the Tigers for eight seasons.

Bastidas is a clean defender who carries plus-offerings regarding his defense, arm strength, arm accuracy, etc. The biggest thing for Bastidas is going to be seeing how his hitting develops.

He has shown some pop from both sides of the plate; time will tell if it can be a consistent thing. MLB Pipeline projects he will be able to hit for average, but Bastidas’ sneaky power should be something to watch out for as he develops and grows.

These two prospects will not be in Tigers uniforms during the 2021 season, and it may be a few years until they make it, but keep an eye on them. They are both seventeen years old and have time to develop and grow into their bodies, but the Tigers added two impressive prospects.

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Detroit Tigers fans should keep an eye on Cristian Santana and Abel Bastidas as they join the organization’s farm system.