Detroit Tigers: Chris Fetter is going to dramatically help development

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The Detroit Tigers got it right by hiring Chris Fetter to be the pitching coach for the organization. He will bring some dramatic changes to this pitching staff’s development and ideally change them for the better.

Development for pitchers at the big league level will be incredible, and trusting Fetter to do his job should be something Tigers fans do. With the last coaching regime, things were done very old school, and a refreshed approach should offer positive change for this organization.

Former head coach Ron Gardenhire stepped down due to health reasons and was replaced by A.J. Hinch, who has enough storylines of his own for Tigers fans to follow. But, Hinch opted to bring in a new pitching coach and assistant pitching coach at that. He chose University of Michigan pitching coach Chris Fetter for the job.

Fetter replaces former pitching coach Rick Anderson who was Gardenhire’s guy. Before any old-timers freak out and say that the “old-school” approach is the only acceptable approach, Juan Nieves is Fetter’s assistant pitching coach who will help bring some of that into the mix as well.

The Detroit Tigers should thrive with Chris Fetter and Juan Nieves working to continue and further development at the big league level.

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The hiring of Chris Fetter may have flown under the radar as he was announced alongside all of the other coaching hires that were made after Hinch’s arrival.

But Fetter’s knowledge of the game, analytical prowess, and abilities at the college level should transfer quite well.

Working with student-athletes and professional athletes are two different ballgames, but Fetter should find success in Major League Baseball.

Spring training has not even begun, but some of the Tigers’ current big league arms have been in contact with Fetter and are impressed with his abilities.

Fetter focuses on many aspects to help improve his players, mixing in a healthy balance of new-think and old-school ways.

He works to make sure his pitchers’ mental approaches on the mound are fine-tuned, leading to success while also working through analytics recorded by things like Rapsodo and Trackman to ensure he can work with each of his pitchers.

The main thing with Fetter is that he understands the analytics; he knows how to use them without losing the value that comes from the old-school way of coaching/teaching. It truly is a bridge between old-school and new-school with Fetter.

Fetter has a lot to look forward to as the pitching coach of the Detroit Tigers. With so much young pitching talent, this should only bode well for the future. Expect big things from the Detroit Tigers youngsters.

Casey Mize, Tarik Skubal, Matt Manning, Franklin Perez, Beau Burrows, Kyle Funkhouser, etc. As these players make their debuts or continue to play for the Tigers, Fetter will have his chance to prove he can be successful at the big league level.

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Hats off to the front office and new manager A.J. Hinch for getting things right with the hiring of Chris Fetter to be the organization’s pitching coach.