Detroit Lions rumors: Dan Campbell visit signals end of coaching search

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The Detroit Lions are expected to hire Dan Campbell to be the organization’s next head coach. However, this is not set in stone, and things could change, but the rumors point toward Campbell. Following the New Orleans Saints’ recent loss, Campbell emerged even more as the favorite.

He is expected to be visiting Detroit to speak with Lions personnel on Wednesday following exit interviews with Saints players that kept him in New Orleans to start the week. Campbell was the assistant head coach and tight ends coach with the Saints, but that could change quickly.

Campbell is rumored to be the Lions’ next hire, and this would officially fill their coaching vacancy, leaving their new regime in control of the future. The organization already hired Brad Holmes as the new General Manager (GM), which happened in a similar fashion.

Holmes came to town for a second interview and then locked up a five-year contract to be the new GM of the Lions organization. Campbell’s trip to Detroit could signal more of the same, meaning he could walk out of his meeting with the front office, ownership, and consultants with a contract on the table.

The Detroit Lions are bringing in head coach candidate Dan Campbell as a formality.

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At this point, his meeting seems to be more of a “formality” as it may just be the formal way for him to read through and sign a contract to become the next coach of the Detroit Lions.

It is clear that Campbell puts emphasis on the players and the buy-in that comes from the players, and waiting for this meeting until Wednesday should show something to the fans.

It is known that Campbell is not the X’s and O’s guy, rather a motivator, an encourager, and someone who merges his coaching staff and players for the greater good of the team.

By making sure he completes his exit interviews with the Saints, even though he is likely to be leaving, he is putting the players first.

There’s something noble about that, and it shows that he truly does focus on buy-in, morale, and trying to keep the players understanding their importance and putting them first, rather than only caring about the X’s and O’s.

The Lions do not have their head coach officially, but Campbell’s meeting on Wednesday will likely officially signal a new era in Detroit. With Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia officially out the door, the Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell era is likely to begin.

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After crossing some T’s and dotting some I’s, expect reports that have rained in since the Saints lost about Campbell being the Lions’ hire to come true. Time will tell but expect “breaking” news to come from Campbell’s meeting.

Beyond the meeting, Saints’ secondary coach Aaron Glenn is expected to join Campbell in Detroit as the organization’s new defensive coordinator. It seems that the meeting may be a formality but Campbell has already started assembling his coaching staff.