Detroit Tigers: Pros and cons of Miguel Cabrera playing first base in 2021

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On the contrary, take a look at some of the Detroit Tigers’ reasons to avoid sending Miguel Cabrera back out to first base in 2021.

One of the first things that come to mind as being an issue is pretty obvious—the risk of another injury that would be detrimental to his performance in the batters’ box. Detroit Tigers fans are no stranger to the fact that Cabrera’s output has faltered since his 2018 left bicep injury.

It has also been pretty obvious that Cabrera has knee issues he has been dealing with of the chronic-level. All-in-all, Cabrera’s return to first base puts him at a much higher risk of sustaining another injury that might be detrimental to his output while the Tigers are looking to stretch what they can from him these last few years.

Another negative outcome of moving Cabrera back to first is eating up a spot in the field. While the Tigers seem to be investing heavily in versatility, this takes away an opportunity for someone like Candelario to really settle in as a first-base/third-base versatile player.

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Lastly, another con that comes to mind with Cabrera being put back at first base is the fact that they missed out on some of the possible free agents they could have signed.

While they do not need to go out and sign players like George Springer or J.T. Realmuto, who highlighted this offseason, they could have easily re-signed C.J. Cron.

The jury is out on Cabrera, and ultimately Hinch will be the final deciding factor on where and how much Cabrera plays.

But it has to be expected that Cabrera will push for what he wants and being the new guy in the room, Hinch might let Cabrera get his feet wet back at first again in 2021.

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As fans, though, there are pros, and there are cons; it’s up to each fan to decide what they think ahead of 2021, but do not be surprised to see Cabrera getting heavy work in over at first base during 2021 Detroit Tigers Spring Training.