Detroit Lions Draft Prospect: Quarterback Justin Fields

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Strengths and Abilities

  • Strong Arm
  • Good Accuracy
  • Progression of Skills Yearly
  • Plays Well in Big Games/Moments
  • Run Ability/Athleticism

After I finished my preparation for this article, I realized something — I watched more film for Fields than I did for the previous two articles that I wrote about. The reason for this is because when I began, it was during the young quarterbacks Sophomore season.

Watching that game film, I noticed that this wasn’t the same player I had watched live this season. The arm strength wasn’t quite as good, the accuracy was questionable at times, the velocity of his throws on passes of 30-yards or more was not there, and his overall football I.Q. seemed to still be evolving.

For myself, that’s where a lot of the fun comes from in this hobby. Watching players grow and evolve with age and experience. Fields was definitely fun to watch mature.

By the time I re-watched the game v.s. Clemson and Trevor Lawrence, all of those skills were much improved. Fields arm strength was much better. His accuracy was no longer questionable. He was making throws into tight windows and was missing open receivers much less. The velocity was better, and his ability to recognize opposing defenses was pretty good.

One thing that has always been there is this kid’s athleticism. He can flat out move around and run with the football. I do like that he is continuing to improve on his “instinct” to take off running with pressure and/or the pocket breaking down.

More often now, you’ll see Fields trying to work through his progressions, keeping his eyes downfield, looking off opposing defensive backs and being mobile, but not keeping the run-first mentality.