Detroit Lions Draft Prospect: Quarterback Justin Fields

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Weaknesses and Flaws

  • Pocket Awareness
  • Timing on Routes/Throws
  • Durability
  • Ball Placement
  • Consistency

As I’ve said before, I don’t really like pointing out flaws in great athletes. After all, they’re usually some of the best players on the planet. It’s more like areas I notice that need some improvement. Also, as I’ve said before, Fields is regularly improving on the field.

Some areas that I feel still need some work are his pocket awareness, the timing on his throws, his ball placement when hitting receivers running certain routes, and his consistency when doing so.

Fields has got far better with his awareness over the last two seasons, but there were times that he still struggled with this. He needs to feel the pressure around him. It’s a trait that gets better with experience. As far as his timing and ball placement, he does pretty good at times. Other times, he misses an open guy and/or throws behind them.

I recognize that mistakes are going to happen, whether a student-athlete or seasoned professional. However, if he can get better with these things more often than not, it will translate well in a big way on the field.

As far as durability goes, there really is no way to improve here. It’s not a diet or conditioning problem with Fields. Honestly, his injuries are circumstantial and just bad luck. The NFL is rigorous, though, so staying healthy is important to every team in the league.