Detroit Lions: 5 Reasons for fans to love Jared Goff this Valentine’s Day

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3. If the Detroit Lions can turn it around, so can Jared Goff

An overhaul of the coaching and front office staff can benefit both players currently on the roster and those new to it. As the Detroit Lions look to change the narrative and set a new precedent for the team’s future, we are left to put our faith in what WILL BE, not what WAS (although let’s not pretend that Goff has had an awful career).

Goff will be coming to Detroit with something to prove; there’s no doubt about that. There’s nothing I like better than a player with a little chip on their shoulder, except maybe a player that really, truly wants to be here.

That seems to be the case for Goff, as referenced below in his quotes from an interview with Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times:

"“As the quarterback, as the guy that’s at arguably the most important position on the field, if you’re in a place that you’re not wanted and they want to move on from you, the feeling’s mutual. You don’t want to be in the wrong place. It became increasingly clear that was the case. [The trade] is something that I’m hopeful is going to be so good for my career”. “(Talking to the Lions) is what made me go, ‘oh my God, this is how it’s supposed to feel,” Goff said. “‘This makes me feel great,’ how excited they were, how fired up they were”."

4. Jared Goff is a community activist

Like Matthew Stafford, Goff has been active in the Los Angeles community during his time with the team. Those that can connect with the city of Detroit on a deeper level become a part of its heart.

During his time in Los Angeles, Goff lent a helping hand to the California Strong campaign to assist those affected by the wildfires, donated significant funds to local food banks to support Covid assistance, and often made appearances at local schools and fundraising events.

Per the Rams team website, “Goff’s efforts didn’t stop there. In partnership with CBS-2/KCAL-9 & United Way of Great Los Angeles, the Rams participated in a multi-platform fundraising event that raised more than $2,129,603 for United Way’s Southern California Disaster Relief Fund. During the event, Goff made an appearance on CBS-2/KAL-9 to thank the first responders who worked around the clock to ensure the safety of California residents and their homes”. If one of the good ones has to go, we can at least appreciate getting another in return.