Detroit Tigers: Manager A.J. Hinch is the “right guy” for the organization

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The Detroit Tigers brought in manager A.J. Hinch this offseason, and looking at the hire, he really is the “right guy.” With Spring Training underway, the hope should be that the slander towards A.J. Hinch for his past decisions and involvement with the sign-stealing scandal.

Hinch is replacing Ron Gardenhire, who had to hang the cleats up after health issues put him at a point where it was better for him to retire. Gardenhire was an exceptional manager during the rebuild as he was able to make it work with the mess that he was tasked with managing.

The Detroit Tigers were rebuilding, but Gardenhire kept the troops “rallied” in a sense. He kept the guys focused on development, at least the younger ones. He put an emphasis on focusing on improvement during a tough rebuild, even in losses.

Now that the Gardenhire era has ended and Hinch has taken over, it is a new wave for this organization. Hinch’s era should be pretty similar in the sense that he will expect development out of these players.

If Hinch is able to work with the youngsters and put that emphasis on development and growth, the rebuild should be a little less painless. Given where the Tigers are in their rebuild and where they SHOULD be in the coming years, Hinch is the right guy for the job.

The Detroit Tigers got it right when they hired A.J. Hinch.

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Plain and simple, the Tigers got it right by hiring Hinch. Many people may disagree, and that is okay; I think people will come around on Hinch.

First off, the sign-stealing scandal in Houston was a real issue, something that is terrible; I wholeheartedly agree with that.

However, Hinch owned it; he’s worn that scarlet letter, took his suspension, and is now allowed to return to the game of baseball as he has.

The league suspended him for one year; whether that was enough or not is a debate for another time.

In my eyes, looking at right here and right now, with Hinch as a manager, the Tigers are in good hands.

He sat out his suspension and has owned his wrongdoing. I’m not trying to debate the whole he did or did not deserve a second chance issue.

My main point is…

As a manager with the Tigers being hired after his suspension was served, Hinch is going to be a solid manager. The hope for Hinch is that he will be able to settle in and lead this team through the end of the rebuild.

No, that is not happening in 2021, but he can get his feet wet this year. He’ll have a better feel for the roster and figure out which pieces will be part of the future plans. Hinch will coach these players from their debuts into the early parts of their careers, hopefully ushering in that era of success in the Motor City.

I truly believe that the Tigers got it right with Hinch. He is going to be a good manager for this organization, paired with the excellent staff he built to support him. With the Tigers having very deep pitching prospect depth, Hinch has been able to bring in a phenomenal pitching coach.

Having a strong pitching coach with this young core of pitchers between the MLB and Triple-A roster should only help this organization. Who knows, maybe it even helps a few veterans figure out some things out to keep them afloat or even become trade bait.

All I know is that I think Hinch is a good hire; I like what he has done so far by bringing in Chris Fetter and building a well-rounded coaching staff from top to bottom. Hinch is going to do well in a Tigers uniform as manager.

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The Detroit Tigers got it right by hiring A.J. Hinch to be their new manager!