Detroit Tigers: Víctor Reyes could find himself on the bench once again

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Tigers have brought in some depth for the outfield during the 2021 season. All this means is that Víctor Reyes could find himself on the bench after looking like he deserved a shot at the starting job.

With the Detroit Tigers signing outfielder Robbie Grossman to a two-year deal, that eats up a corner outfield spot. Grossman should be poised for a good season and has made changes to his swing that should help him find success.

More recently, the Tigers brought in outfielder Nomar Mazara on a one-year deal, and he will compete for a spot, likely in right field for the Tigers during the 2021 season. Fangraphs has Mazara penciled in as the right fielder on their depth charts.

JaCoby Jones is healthy once again and will be looking to lock down centerfield once again after injuries have plagued his seasons the past few years. With all that being said, where does that leave Reyes?

The Detroit Tigers may be forced to bench Víctor Reyes to start the 2021 season.

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Since being picked up by the Tigers in the Rule 5 Draft, Reyes has come a long way. In his first season, he was nothing more than a pinch-runner, extra bat on the bench, and/or defensive replacement.

In 2019 he played in 69 games where he hit .304/.336/.431 with 24 extra-base hits and 25 RBI for the organization.

It seemed like he was making better contact from both sides of the plate and looked as if he deserved a larger look in the Tigers outfield.

While there is no telling exactly how the 2020 season would have played out if it were a full 162 games, but Reyes was with the Tigers for the 60-game season that was played.

He would play in 57 games where he hit .277/.315/.391 with 13 extra-base hits and just 14 RBI.

The stats were not as exciting and forward-looking as in 2019. However, Reyes deserves a look even though Mazara will likely beat him out for the starting job, Grossman will lock down left field, and Jones will anchor centerfield.

It seems that Reyes will likely get the off-day chances where someone else is sitting; if he wants to earn a permanent spot in the Tigers outfield, then he will need to impress and make the most of the opportunities he is given.

With more depth at the outfield position in 2021, Reyes slides way down on the depth chart, and that is the reality of making two good offseason signings. It may not have addressed the Tigers’ most pressing needs at the time, but the outfield is definitely deeper, and Reyes is likely going to find himself on the bench because of this.

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The Detroit Tigers will likely be in a situation where Víctor Reyes is benched to start the 2021 season.