Detroit Lions need to build around Jared Goff for at least one season

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The Detroit Lions need to prioritize surrounding quarterback Jared Goff with useful players on offense this offseason.

Many, myself included, initially saw Goff as a bridge-type quarterback that will be released in two years when his dead cap number completely disappears.

That may still be the case, but the Detroit Lions would be wise to at least attempt to provide the 26-year old quarterback with a few weapons on offense to give him a puncher’s chance to succeed with his new organization.

Goff completed 67% of his pass attempts last season, guiding the Rams to a 9-6 record in his 15 starts.  He also threw for 3,952 yards, along with 20 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions.

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It appears tensions were high between Goff and his former head coach Sean McVay in Los Angeles, but let’s not overlook the fact that Goff, as previously mentioned, is just 26-years old.  He’s got successful playoff experience under his belt, plus he’s played in a Super Bowl.

What should the Detroit Lions do with the seventh overall pick?

As usual, it’s a Detroit Lions fanbase that is frayed.  A large portion of the fanbase is banging the table for newly appointed general manager Brad Holmes to use the seventh overall pick in the draft on a quarterback.

Another large portion of the fanbase holds out hope that Holmes can work a deal that sees Detroit trading back in the first round, in turn, adding additional much-needed draft capital for this season and beyond.

The remainder of folks hope to see the Detroit Lions select a defensive player like Micah Parsons or a skilled player such as Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, or Kyle Pitts.

There is no right or wrong answer here, and as a fan, you can support multiple theories.

We’re not in the draft room; we can’t listen to the phone calls Brad Holmes is making.  I will support drafting a quarterback seventh overall IF the Detroit Lions get their guy.  I’m not for drafting a quarterback just to take a quarterback.  I feel a franchise needs to believe the player they are selecting will become a franchise player.

All signs point to Trey Lance as being the only noteworthy quarterback available when the Detroit Lions are on the board.  Are we sure that Lance will be a better quarterback than Jared Goff?  It’s an answer we all want to jump and say yes to, but again, we’re talking about a 26-year old quarterback that has made a Super Bowl appearance.

At this point, I am against selecting a linebacker in the top ten.  Not saying Parsons isn’t a tremendous talent, but he has a shady past, plus there are far too many highly-skilled offensive players available.  The league is offense-driven, and with the Lions’ entire receiving corps needing to be overhauled, I’d be thrilled to see Holmes select Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, or Kyle Pitts seventh overall.

If Penei Sewell is available, he’d also be a no-brainer.  Sewell is an elite plug-and-play offensive tackle that would vastly strengthen the OL for years to come.

The Lions will have plenty of time to add defensive players throughout the draft, particularly in the second through fourth rounds.  The Lions will have options at the linebacker position choosing between linebackers Jabril Cox, Justin Hilliard, Jamin Davis, Monty Rice, Dylan Moses, just to name a few throughout the heart of the NFL Draft.

Other edge-rushers and defensive lineman to keep tabs on through the second-round and beyond are Ronnie Perkins, Quincy Roche, Rashard Weaver, Alim McNeill, Payton Turner, and Marvin Wilson.

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Understanding it’s a deep draft in both areas where the Detroit Lions desperately need to improve their roster, adding an elite talent at a skilled-position on offense in round one won’t just benefit Goff but also the organization as a whole.