Detroit Red Wings: Filip Hronek leads team in points without scoring a goal

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The Detroit Red Wings are not scoring, which should not be shocking considering the state of their rebuild. However, the current leader in points on the Red Wings roster is Filip Hronek; however, he does not have a goal to his name.

With assists alone, Hronek leads the Detroit Red Wings in points with fourteen. It is quite impressive to say that Hronek leads the team in points and also a bit terrifying for a few reasons. Hronek should be trying to anchor down the top role in the Red Wings defense core.

In the future, Hronek is likely to end up as a number two defenseman, but the fact that he is leading the team in points on a rebuilding team like this shows that he has been able to make things happen.

The Red Wings are not scoring a whole lot as it is, but Hronek making things happen shows that he is honing in on his offensive side of the game, ideally making him into a better player. If the Red Wings wanted to see good development from Hronek, he sure is showing it.

The Detroit Red Wings point leader, Filip Hronek, has not scored a goal in the 2020-21 season.

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Hronek’s fourteen assists have come over 28 games played, which would imply that he adds an assist every two games (on average.)

This “team-leading” point number shows how Hronek has been able to iron things out in the offensive zone and continued to show development offensively.

The thing to note in regards to Hronek’s play is that he is a minus-12 rating which is terrible. Hronek is worse in terms of plus/minus than everyone on the Red Wings roster besides Anthony Mantha, who is a minus-13 on the season.

Hronek needs to show improvements in his defense if he wants to prove he can be an effective defenseman on both ends of the ice.

Hronek leading the team in points is great for him but also a little concerning for some of the other Red Wings players.

While Dylan Larkin, Anthony Mantha, and Bobby Ryan are all shortly trailing Hronek in the points category, the hope would be their scoring would be able to do more. Mantha’s standards should be higher, expecting him to score more.

Larkin’s injury has kept him off the ice, which means that he is missing out on some chances to score. But, looking at the Red Wings roster, the Red Wings should be expecting more from their forward core.

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Yes, Hronek having fourteen assists is a phenomenal thing, but the Red Wings should be expecting more from their offense.