Detroit Tigers: Taking a look at prospect Zack Short’s potential value

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The Detroit Tigers acquired infielder Zack Short at last year’s 2020 trade deadline when they opted to move Cameron Maybin to the Chicago Cubs. While the Tigers had a quiet trade deadline in 2020, Short’s acquisition was really nothing to write home about.

Short is a depth addition for the farm system. Now, fast forward to the 2021 season; the Detroit Tigers are down in Lakeland, Florida, preparing for the upcoming season. Short has joined the team’s big-league camp and is likely to try and earn a spot with the Double-A or Triple-A affiliate this summer.

While he may not be some top-flight prospect, Short could be one of the homegrown fill-in guy if he figures things out and is a versatile infielder that the team can call upon. What I mean is that, with some luck, he could become a versatile infielder who works his way into being a Tigers bench.

He is unlikely to be a future starting infielder for the Tigers, but the scrappy infielder possesses the qualities that make it seem as if he could be a future option off the bench for the Tigers. He may become one of those players who is called upon in specific situations.

The Detroit Tigers should not have high expectations for Zack Short, but he could still wind up serving a purpose.

Short has only registered 41 games at the Triple-A level and in 2020 spent time at the alternate training site in Toledo. But, the thing is, he is likely not going to be some late-blooming future all-star, and that is okay.

I mean, come on, the Tigers gave up Cameron Maybin for him, it is not like they sold the house and were expecting some top prospect, but Short could still serve a purpose. The 25-year old infielder is versatile and can shift around the infield as needed, making him an asset even as a minor leaguer.

As mentioned above, Short is a scrappy player; he is one of those players who will do whatever he can to keep playing this game and playing it at the highest level he can reach. Short is a big-time baseball guy and approaches the game with that “baseball rat” attitude.

I am not trying to suggest that Short is going to become a Marwin Gonzalez-type versatile infielder eventually. But if he could even blossom into a Brad Miller-type player, the Tigers could benefit.

Even if the Tigers were to keep him in Triple-A as one of the “depth call-ups” for injuries in coming seasons, it seems like Short could be perfect for that role. Since he is 25 years old, continuing to kick the tires on him might not be the worst thing in the world.

Who knows, maybe he gets a call-up, earning a chance to strut his stuff, and he lucks into a few longballs or even just some hits for the Tigers at the MLB-level. Do not write off Short as a nobody just yet.

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He may not be a top prospect, but he could very well don the old English “D” at some point in the coming year or two.