Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford says “thank you, not goodbye” in farewell

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After 12 seasons, 165 games, 74 wins, 90 losses, and a tie in the Detroit Lions Honolulu blue and silver, Matthew Stafford has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams. While this reality started to come into the frame over the last year or so, it still seems weird to think about.

After twelve years as the Detroit Lions QB1, Stafford is no longer a member of the organization. He was dealt to the Los Angeles Rams in a package that brought back Jared Goff to be the new quarterback of the franchise, at least for the time being.

However, Stafford has been a part of the Lions organization and the city of Detroit since 2009 when he was selected with the first overall pick. After all of these years, he has finally said goodbye to the fans.

Stafford opted to say thank you rather than goodbye. The Lions posted a farewell video for the former QB1 totaling around nine minutes of highlights with Stafford narrating over them. It was an incredible way for Stafford to close out his career in the Motor City.

The Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford come together one last time for the “thank you, not goodbye” farewell video.

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Personally, I have watched the Lions over the years, moreover as a connection to my hometown. Being a 21-year old who is at a university in another state, watching Lions football in the fall is a way to feel “at home” and whether they win or lose it has been a way to relate to being home watching Lions games as a youngster.

Watching Stafford go out there each week, battling through injuries over the yeas was awesome. I may not be the most well-versed in football, but it does not take a football genius to understand that Stafford would do whatever it took to stay in that game and try to help the team win, even down two scores.

Stafford’s tenacity on the field was incredible to watch and it does suck to see him go. Not seeing that number nine jersey under center this year is going to be a strange feeling and take some getting used to.

This farewell video was awesome to keep it real. The video is worth the watch, all nine minutes of it brought fond memories up of No. 9 and all of his accolades, official or not.

Watching Stafford highlights of him play through injuries and captain fourth-quarter comebacks was just incredible. It was a very fitting tribute for someone who was the captain of this city and this franchise for the last ten-plus years.

Stafford’s presence in Detroit on and off the field will be remembered by this fanbase even if the on-field product may not have been what the Lions fans were hopeful for. Stafford is closing a HUGE chapter of his football career after twelve seasons and moving into another chapter that begins with the Rams organization.

In response to Stafford and his farewell video, the fanbase should owe him a “thank you” in return. Stafford was an incredible QB1 for this organization over the last twelve years.

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We wish you the best of luck in Los Angeles Matthew, thank you for twelve great seasons on and off the field.