Detroit Tigers: Speculating on Michael Fulmer’s destination to start 2021

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The Detroit Tigers are starting to reach a point where they need to start ironing out their final roster before Spring Training comes to a close. That being said, starting pitcher Michael Fulmer could very well find himself heading to Triple-A to start out the 2021 season.

Frankly, it might be best for the Detroit Tigers to ship Fulmer to Triple-A to start the season with the hopes that he figures it out. Fulmer is 28 years old and is trying to cement his role in the Tigers’ rotation.

However, the 2021 Spring Training has not been kind to Fulmer at all; in fact, it has been a harsh spring for the right-handed pitcher. Fulmer has seen his share of adversity in his day and has had to battle through injuries. He would miss the entire 2019 season on his road to recovery.

Fulmer returned to the field in 2020 after the season was postponed, and he continued to work through his recovery. But, with his 2021 Spring Training numbers being terrifying, Fulmer looks like he is better served heading to Triple-A to figure some things out.

The Detroit Tigers need to consider sending Michael Fulmer down to Triple-A to start 2021.

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As the Detroit Tigers make their final cuts and roster moves ahead of 2021, Fulmer better be a candidate to be sent down.

It sucks to say, but he might be able to get right in Triple-A and then rejoin the team after the 2021 season kicks off.

So far this spring, Fulmer has pitched in three games, totaling six innings. He has been shelled, to say the least, rocking a 15.00 ERA and a 2.50 WHIP.

Fulmer has allowed ten hits, including three big flies, walked five opposing hitters, and hit two batters as well.

Fulmer has just not been the same pitcher he was touted to be and showed us he was during his Rookie of the Year season in 2016.

I think that Fulmer can be a one-time through the order type pitcher. I have been banging this drum for some time now; hopefully, the organization tries it.

When Fulmer is on and gets rolling, he can cruise through the lineup top to bottom, but things tend to change the second go-round. While this Spring he is struggling to get any outs at all, the Tigers should be cautious with how they use the right-hander.

Sending him down to the minors might alleviate some of the issues with him getting lit up, but if the Tigers leave him out to dry on the mound, things will only go south. While first and foremost needs to be executing his pitches and getting guys out, whether that’s with weak contact or strikeouts, he just needs outs.

Once he gets his footing and is good to go, the Tigers could call him back up and try to utilize him in that 3-inning, nine-out role. Start a game with him carving it up for three innings (best-case scenario), then turning it over to the bullpen.

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Either way, the Detroit Tigers need to give it some serious thought if keeping Michael Fulmer on the big-league roster is truly going to benefit the pitching staff heading into 2021.