Detroit Red Wings: Robby Fabbri is getting lucky in 2020-21 season

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The Detroit Red Wings recently got a hat trick out of Robby Fabbri, and his production has undergone an uptick in production. After his recent hat trick, Fabbri has been able to get on the scoresheet more often.

However, could Fabbri be getting lucky, or are the Detroit Red Wings doing a good job of deploying the forward? Fabbri signed a two-year contract extension this offseason, keeping him in Hockeytown for the time being.

He was acquired in a steal of a trade with the St. Louis Blues where General Manager Steve Yzerman shipped Jacob de La Rose off for Fabbri. A change of scenery is all that Fabbri needed to get things going out on the ice, and now Fabbri is settling in.

While COVID-19 put a delay into the 2020-21 season and a COVID-19 list placement for Fabbri has shortened his season even further, he has been able to bounce back quite nicely. Partially in regards to some good luck, according to his stats.

Detroit Red Wings forward Robby Fabbri is getting incredibly lucky as of late.

So far in 2020-21, Fabbri has played in 22 games after a COVID-19 positive test kept him off the ice for some time. In his 22 games, Fabbri has notched nine goals and six assists for 15 total points.

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Fabbri is a plus-five in terms of plus/minus while averaging nearly seventeen minutes of ice time each night.

However, the biggest thing to note about this is how lucky Fabbri has been, according to the metrics.

In terms of hockey analytics, there is a measure of how lucky a player is getting, how many “puck bounces” are going in favor of the player.

The stat measures the shooting percentage and save-percentage while that player is on the ice.

It is scaled around 100 overall. 100 even would mean a player is not particularly too lucky or unlucky.

Under 100, it means the player is not getting lucky and is just struggling to convert on his scoring chances.

Over 100 would mean that the player is getting lucky and finding ways to score goals and capitalize on scoring chances. Fabbri currently has a 105.9 PDO rating which would mean that Fabbri is definitely on the lucky side of things.

That being said, could Fabbri’s recent three-goal night be a product of some of this? Fabbri has settled in nicely with the Red Wings since being acquired; however, this stretch of lucky bounces only helps his season totals.

Even if Fabbri is simply getting lucky lately, the Red Wings are not going to complain about seeing some extra production from the 25-year-old forward. If he continues this pace and the luck stays there; he could very well cross the 15-goal mark in 2020-21.

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Hopefully, for the Red Wings and Fabbri’s sake, he gets above 15 goals by the end of the season.