Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera needs to step it up during the 2021 season

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The Detroit Tigers need to be expecting more from Miguel Cabrera during the 2021 season, and that is the bottom line. While this is not necessarily about his statistical output, Cabrera needs to be a leader for this team’s younger crowd.

While Cabrera is likely to be chasing milestones with the Detroit Tigers during the 2021 season, he needs to be a leader for these younger players who are working their way into the big leagues. The Tigers are going to start seeing an influx of young talent, and the veteran leadership is going to be key.

Cabrera is one of those players who should be relied upon to “show them the ropes” and try to give these players some guidance as they transfer into the big leagues. The veteran infielder and future Hall of Famer have so much knowledge to offer, and the Tigers should be expecting him to do so.

As the Tigers go through their 2021 season, they should be hoping that Cabrera grows into a leadership role that he has not always shown in recent years. In an article with The Athletic ($), Cabrera mentioned that he needs to be more vocal.

When it comes to the Detroit Tigers’ young talent, Miguel Cabrera needs to be a leader.

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Tigers beat writer Cody Stavenhagen talked about how Cabrera is coming to grips with this reality that he has transformed into a veteran player.

Some of the younger players have told Cabrera that they grew up imitating his swing or rocking his jersey, which is quite the reality check for “Miggy.”

When it comes to 2021, the Tigers are likely to be trotting Cabrera out there at first base more often than in recent years.

This is a shocking development that new manager A.J. Hinch has somehow claimed to be on board with.

Regardless of that revelation regarding Cabrera’s 2021 season, he is going to need to change his attitude.

As was alluded to with the comments about his interview done along with Stavenhagen’s article, Cabrera has not always been the source of advice or guidance for these youngsters.

In 2021 he needs to flip the script and be someone that these younger players can go to, someone they can learn from. If he can show these players what it takes to be a high-level MLB player, ideally, some of them will be much better off.

Not to say that Cabrera will help create future all-stars, but he will help them and make their transition into the big leagues smoother. Help them get better, help them learn the ins and outs, and help them transition from prospects into true big leaguers.

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Cabrera can be an integral part of these prospects’ transition; the question is if he can step up in 2021 and really be the helpful veteran he claims to want to be.