Detroit Red Wings: Filip Zadina is having a very unique season, statistically

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The Detroit Red Wings are seeing prospect Filip Zadina have quite the interesting season in 2020-21. While the prospect has been given a chance to stick full-time with the Red Wings, the 56-game season leaves things shortened for the Czech Republic-born youngster.

Zadina is settling in at the NHL level, coming into his own, but he has had quite the interesting season when it comes to output statistically. The Detroit Red Wings have seen Zadina get better; however, looking at his stats, there are some interesting differences in the analytics.

The twenty-one-year-old winger has not really settled in as a true starter in the Red Wings top-six forward core as much as the team would have hoped he would. But, given COVID-19 absences and Zadina just trying to adapt and develop at the NHL-level, his stats are still pretty good.

In his third year at the NHL level, the Red Wings are hoping Zadina can become a solid addition and member of this team for the long haul. Zadina’s 2020-21 stats have been a little underwhelming in terms of goal scoring, but he still has some positive takeaways.

The Detroit Red Wings are seeing Filip Zadina have a unique season with interesting stats.

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Through 26 games, the Red Wings have seen Zadina score three goals and added nine assists for 12 total points.

He is nearly performing at a 0.5 point-per-game clip. However, he has not scored a lot, which is the aspect that Zadina was known for as a prospect.

In terms of analytics, Zadina has a Corsi For (CF%) of 40.9 CF% which is 7.4% lower than the team average.

This is pretty low and means that the other team is getting more scoring chances and shots on net while Zadina is on the ice.

Essentially the lower CF% means that Zadina has not done so well relative to the entire Red Wings roster.

Zadina has a 103.8 PDO rating which is near the top of the team’s leaderboard, which is pretty interesting, to say the least, when is CF% is so low.

Zadina’s high PDO means that he has generally been getting lucky, getting the bounces, and just been able to get things going offensively more often than not. Similar to how Robby Fabbri’s hat trick might have had something to do with the fact that he had a high PDO and was seeing most of the bounces go his way.

The bottom line is, the goal-scoring may be a little worrisome since it has not shown itself when it comes to Zadina. The low CF% and low CF% in relation to the rest of the Red Wings is a bit worrisome too, but there are still positives.

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With Zadina still scoring and being near the top of the Red Wings points leaderboard, there are positives to look at. The way his stats fill out is just pretty unique for the 2020-21 season.