Detroit Red Wings News: Steve Yzerman works magic in a 3-team trade

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Detroit Red Wings General Manager Steve Yzerman works magic in a three-team trade as trade deadline looms.

The Detroit Red Wings continue to be active on the trade market as the NHL trade deadline continues to inch closer and closer. This time it was General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman who was brought into ongoing discussions regarding defenseman David Savard.

The rumors had been circling today that Savard was going to be traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Yzerman’s old stomping grounds; however, the two sides seemed to be a little out of touch on the package with salary cap woes. Then the Detroit Red Wings got involved, and the three-team trade was born.

Yzerman stepped in and helped ease the trade and still have the Detroit Red Wings come away with something for taking on a cap hit for a player who will never even put on a Red Wings uniform (barring future trades/signings).

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The deal wound up having three separate trades to make things work out financially for all three teams.

The Columbus Blue Jackets first traded David Savard to the Red Wings in exchange for Brian Lashoff, where they retain 50% of Savard’s cap hit.

Following that, the Red Wings flipped Savard to the Lightning in exchange for their 2021 fourth-round draft pick.

Detroit would retain 50% of the cap hit they incurred (25% of Savard’s total cap hit), while Tampa Bay gets him for 25% of his original cap hit and also gives up draft capital.

The third leg of the trade was not involving the Red Wings, but it included Lashoff being shipped from Columbus to Tampa Bay in exchange for the Lightning’s first-round pick in 2021 and a third-round pick in 2022.

Essentially making the deal Savard for a 2021 first and 2022 third, but the workaround is how the Red Wings got involved.

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Kudos to Yzerman for netting a fourth-round draft pick for cap space and Brian Lashoff, who was surely just a throw-in.