Detroit Tigers: JaCoby Jones has been absent in the batters’ box in 2021

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The Detroit Tigers have witnessed outfielder Jacoby Jones struggle greatly in the batters’ box to start the 2021 season. After his 2020 season was ended early due to injury, he has been absent in the batters’ box so far in 2021, struggling to get much of anything going.

While the Detroit Tigers have not been expected Jones to be incredible out of the gates, his near sub .200 slash line has been rough, to say the least. However, in the field, he has made some good grabs and helped his pitchers out on the mound.

Jones had been off the field for a while coming into the 2021 season after playing only half of the 2020 season before things were cut short. He sustained a hand injury in 2019 that cut his season short. He has had back-to-back seasons where a hit-by-pitch has shut things down for the speedy outfielder.

Since the start of the 2019 season, Jones has only played 131 combined games, including the 13 games from this year. Granted, the 2020 season was only 60 games, but Jones has missed significant amounts of time in each of the last two seasons coming into 2021.

The Detroit Tigers have seen JaCoby Jones struggle immensely in the batters’ box.

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So far, as was mentioned above, the Detroit Tigers have had Jones play in thirteen games. Jones is hitting an abysmal .158/.179/.263 with just six hits on the season. Jones has gone down on strikes 13 times and walked just once over 38 at-bats on the season.

However, Jones has still been as good as always in the field. With appearances in center and left field for the Tigers this season, he has yet to commit an error.

Jones is speedy and has been able to track down balls that otherwise might have ended up being base hits and hurt the pitchers on the mound.

After struggling to get much going so far this season, Jones needs to climb out of the hole he has dug himself.

He has struggled to even appear in the batters’ box. Not physically, but his stats are lacking with just six hits to show for.

Maybe after being hit in the hand twice in each of the last two seasons, Jones is struggling to get comfortable back in the box. That is not all for his career either; for those who remember Jones coming up with the Tigers, he wore a ball off of the face and then proceeded to run down the third baseline.

After three pretty serious hit-by-pitches in his career and 24 total times getting plunked, maybe the other teams just have the book on Jones. Nonetheless, he is a big leaguer and should be expected to be able to shake it.

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Hopefully, that happens soon as Jones is almost a sure out in the Detroit Tigers lineup day in and day out.