Detroit Lions: A disgruntled Aaron Rodgers puts everyone on edge

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Well, we’ve got a pre-draft bombshell to talk about.  It’s no secret the relationship between the Green Bay Packers and future Hall Of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been strained for some time, but it appears close to exploding.  Detroit Lions fans are certainly beginning to rejoice, knowing maybe as soon as tonight, the organization may end up with the top QB in the division.

Seriously.  If Rodgers is moved, whether it is tonight or before the start of the 2021 NFL season, Jared Goff will be the top dog in the NFC North, and don’t even come at me with the Kirk Cousins stuff.  I’m sure there are some Andy Dalton fans on the earth, but those folks are a rare and special breed.

ESPN insider Adam Schefter reported the juicy news earlier today, stating that Rodgers does not want to return to the organization.  Wow.

Fox’s Insider Jay Glazer mentioned this is rooted far deeper than just a contract issue.  Rodgers’ deal has no more guaranteed money remaining, but it has three more years remaining on the deal with a cap hit of $37, $40, and $28-million in each of the next three seasons.

Rodgers dead-cap number is over $38-million in ’21 and $17-million in ’22 but significantly decreases in 2023 to just under $3-million.

When you think about it, this goes way deeper than drafting Jordan Love last season in the first round or Matt LeFleur opting to kick the field goal in the Packers playoff game this past postseason.  Rodgers was actually mocked about the field goal while hosting Jeopardy, in fact, during Final Jeopardy.

Year after year, the Green Bay Packers have avoided prioritizing the skilled positions on offense, whether it was signing free agents or through the NFL draft.

I can’t help but wonder if Rodgers is looking around the league at the likes of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes and all of their toys on offense, and it’s further fueling his anger?

Fox’s Trey Wingo also chimed in with a series of tweets.

Wingo also said Rodgers felt he was San Francisco bound last evening, but nothing ended up being finalized between the two sides.

However this saga in Green Bay ends up shaking out the Detroit Lions, and the rest of the North become the real winners here.

To get a player like Rodgers out of the North injects hope into the three other divisional teams.

Sure, the Detroit Lions are not poised to win yet, but they’ve firmly committed to a rebuild.  That’s the first step to turning things around; recognizing you have a problem and addressing it.  A Rodgers-less Packer team doesn’t strike much fear into anyone.

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Rodgers’ top three destinations are said to be the 49ers, Broncos, or Raiders.