Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera not here for the sign-stealing comments

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While the Detroit Tigers were unable to play on Wednesday due to rain. Instead, they will play a back-to-back doubleheader this evening, and it will not be surprising if there is still some bad blood between them and their opponent, the Chicago White Sox.

The Detroit Tigers and White Sox have not always got along, but after some recent comments from Miguel Cabrera, there could very well be even more tensions. In the first game of this series in the Southside, Cabrera belted a home run off of Lucas Giolito.

When his third at-bat came around, and Cabrera returned to the batters’ box, it was White Sox second baseman who was jawing at Cabrera. With Tigers outfielder Robbie Grossman at second base, Madrigal thought that Grossman was relaying signs to Cabrera at home plate.

Ultimately, Cabrera would shoot down these rumors and exclaim that the Tigers respect the game and drop a line with expletives in regards to Madrigal saying something. Cabrera claims the Tigers were not stealing signs, and White Sox manager Tony La Russa “believes him” according to this Detroit Free Press story.

Detroit Tigers veteran Miguel Cabrera lashes out after being accused of sign-stealing by Chicago White Sox.

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Everyone in the game is overly observant and paranoid of the team’s getting their signs.

After the sign-stealing scandal rocked the game of baseball, things have been different. For those with blinders on, A.J. Hinch was the manager of this 2017 Houston Astros team.

Hinch now managing the Tigers means that there is going to be extra unwanted attention on the Tigers team.

While it is not like they are cheating, and if they are, they’re doing a really poor job of it given their current record.

But the point is, with Hinch as the Tigers manager, they are going to play against teams who are paranoid about Hinch given his prior issues with cheating. To be 100% clear, though, relaying signs in from second base is not legal in any capacity.

Major League Baseball has revised its sign-stealing rules; however, stealing the catcher’s signs from second base is not legal. If a team wants to have their runners on second relay what pitch is coming from second base, that is totally and 100% legal in Major League Baseball.

For the Tigers, this incident with Cabrera seems to be one of paranoia and Madrigal overanalyzing things. The bottom line is Cabrera’s rant about respecting the game was moreover hoping to avoid any further issues for the rest of this series.

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if there is any more tension and drama between the two sides.