Detroit Tigers: Michael Fulmer bouncing back nicely as a starter in 2021

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The Detroit Tigers have not started out the 2021 season with a bang. Another tough start during this rebuild leaves the Tigers looking for any sort of help possible. With some early injuries to starting pitcher Julio Teheran, the starting rotation has already undergone some changes.

The Detroit Tigers have moved around the rotation, sending Michael Fulmer back into the mix. He was demoted to the bullpen coming into the 2021 season after some struggles. But he has bounced back quite nicely so far as a starter with good numbers so far in 2021.

As the 2021 season rages on, Fulmer will look to earn a role in the bullpen while Teheran is out and Tarik Skbual continues to struggle. Skubal has been unable to get things going well for the Tigers, and Fulmer has in his start during the 2021 season.

Fulmer has not quite been the pitcher he was expected to be, but in 2021 he is looking to get back into the form he was in prior years. If he can get back to being a more than serviceable pitcher for the Tigers and possibly even earn a role back in the starting rotation.

The Detroit Tigers have seen Michael Fulmer get out to a pretty good start in 2021.

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So far this season, Fulmer has appeared in six games for the Tigers, with three of those being starts.

Overall, Fulmer has a 1-1 record with a 3.32 ERA, a 0.84 WHIP, and 17 strikeouts over 19.0 innings pitched.

Fulmer has made the three starts as mentioned above, which have totaled 12 innings pitched. He has allowed 8 hits for a total of 5 earned runs.

He has punched out seven batters and holds a 3.75 ERA with a 1.00 WHIP to his credit as a starter in 2021.

If the Tigers are going to keep Fulmer in the rotation for the long-term while Skubal works things out, the hope should be for him to settle back in as a serviceable starter.

Fulmer’s best year came back in 2016, his first season where he was Rookie of the Year season.

Since then, Fulmer has taken a severe downturn in performance and has not quite been able to get back to it. Maybe the 2021 season is where Fulmer can piece things together. The one thing to note is that he has not had a start over five innings.

Fulmer’s starts have been five, four, and three innings, respectively. If the Tigers can iron things out to have Fulmer be a four or five-inning guy and turn things over to the bullpen, they will be in good hands; the biggest question right now is making sure Fulmer can do that.

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The Detroit Tigers bullpen struggles as it is, so if Fulmer can tighten things up with his performance, they will be able to rely on the bullpen less.