Detroit Red Wings: Jeff Blashill likely to be extended another season

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The Detroit Red Wings are closing out the last three games of their 2020-21 season, and General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman will have to start going through his plans for the offseason. The current head coach, Jeff Blashill, has been coaching a dumpster fire that is crawling over the finish line.

Blashill was given a two-year contract extension before the 2019-20 season that runs out at the conclusion of this season. That means Blashill’s future with the Detroit Red Wings is in the hands of Yzerman.

Given the state of the Red Wings rebuild and the fact that the team is not going to turn a drastic corner and be competitive in the next year or two. It will likely be a two or three-year window before the team is entering that competitive era once again.

That means that the Red Wings will likely opt to extend and keep Blashill around as the bench boss for, at minimum, one more season. It seems like extending Blashill will be what Yzerman decides to do this offseason.

The Detroit Red Wings will likely see Jeff Blashill behind the bench for another year or two.

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While it seems like there is a good majority of Red Wings fans who would like to see Blashill hit the road and find a new place to work, instead, the Red Wings are likely going to see Blashill sticking around for the next couple of seasons with the Red Wings.

One of the things to note is that a one-year contract with a coach is a bit uncommon. At least, it does not show a huge vote of confidence to give a one-year deal.

While Blashill is not the most deserving candidate, it seems like Blashill might be the coach for the immediate future.

Blashill has not done a whole lot to warrant a return, but at the same time, the tools he was given are not the best.

Blashill is not the best option, but I think that the Red Wings are still far from being competitive.

The Red Wings are currently following along with the Yzerplan, and it seems like another two-year bridge contract is going to be what the team opts to go with. It may not be the popular choice or popular decision, but it very well may be the route that Yzerman chooses to go.

Time will tell, but if a contract extension comes through the pipeline, do not be surprised. The fanbase trusts the Yzerplan, and much as another two seasons of Blashill seems, it may be the right choice.

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Bringing in a new coach who will likely have to struggle for two seasons may not be the best decision. A one-year great period seems like the best option for Blashill and the Red Wings.