Detroit Red Wings: Attention shifts as the season comes to an end

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The Detroit Red Wings have their season winding down, and the dumpster fire will come to a halt once and for all. After a tough showing in 2020-21, the attention is going to take a shift in the Red Wings front office.

Detroit Red Wings General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman is going to be a busy man as the offseason rolls on. The 2021 NHL Draft Lottery is slated for early June, with the draft itself taking place at the end of the month.

After that, the Red Wings are going to be shifting focus once again, and the front office will turn their focus to the NHL Expansion Draft that is coming into play. The Seattle Kraken have officially joined the NHL, and the team will have to compile their protected list.

But as one horrid season comes to an end, the Red Wings are going to shift the focus quickly and have to start getting their protected lists in order. Given some of the recent moves at the trade deadline, the front office will have to figure things out.

As the Detroit Red Wings finish the 2020-21 season, the focus shifts.

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The fans are bought into the Yzerplan and all of the moves that he has made so far.

Based on how things have gone, it seems like the fans might be in store for another switch-up and some more trades as the season ends and the offseason begins.

Draft capital has been a blessing for the Red Wings; the last two drafts with Steve Yzerman and with protected lists being due, he might do some last-minute flip-flopping to add some draft capital.

Nonetheless, the terrible reality of this 2020-21 season is coming to an end, and the offseason should bring some interesting storylines.

With Yzerman prepping for his third NHL Entry Draft with the Red Wings organization as a GM, the fanbase knows that could bring some trading.

Last fall, the Red Wings used draft capital to move up and trade back and ultimately bring in a good crop of prospects to the organization. But this summer, the Kraken Expansion Draft is what stands out and is going to require some attention.

The last time a team came into the league, it was the Vegas Golden Knights, who have been a competitive and postseason-winning team almost immediately. The Kraken are going to be looking to burst onto the scene as well in their first season.

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But, for the Red Wings, this means Yzerman will have to come up with the best group of protected players to keep trudging on through this rebuild.